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    Looked for one found another but she is married. HELP!

    A couple of months back my mother contacted me and told me she met a Russian or Ukrainian girl at this department store that she and I both shop at. I asked her was it the young girl from Belarus (Super HB1) that I introduced her to? She said no. described this other HB2 to me and told me where she worked in the store. I have been to the store a couple of time and never seen this HB2 my mother told me about.

    Months passed by and I decide it was time to change the liens on my bed from winter lines to something lighter. I figured what the hell let me go shopping. I got dressed and throw on a t-shirt that I got when I was in the Ukraine just in case I ran in to the other HB2 that my mother told me about. So I went shopping.

    When I arrived at the store there is a woman who works there that talks to me all the time. Her son wants to travel to eastern Europe so I bring back currency when I go to give to her for her son. I see her and she waves. I walk over to talk and she asks have I been traveling recently. I told her no not since fall I have been working a lot. She then asked about my fiancee and when is she coming to the states. I told her she goes for her Interview this month. She told me Oh I should introduce you to HB3. Told me her name and that she was from Odessa, Ukraine. I said cool but I need to go buy some new liens for my bed I wanted something light for this spring and summer. She told me good HB3 is at lunch and should be back soon. I went on my way and bought my liens. On my way out of the store the woman waved I walked over and I saw HB3 standing next her. I totally ignored her and chatted with the older woman. HB3 interrupted and asked what cities had I been to in the Ukraine. I told her Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk. She kept talking to me as she was walking away to her work station looking at me over her shoulder. We talked a bit about food, travels, my favorite places in Ukraine, places where she goes to buy Ukrainian foods here locally, as well she asked how much English my fiancee spoke. I told her very little. I speak more Russian and that is how we communicate. She asked about how I ended up traveling to Ukraine and I told her of 2 old friends that I have that are from there and I learned a lot from them and I always wanted to go so I did. She told me about some places for classes for English. I said cool. Give me your email and I will send you and email and you can just email me the information. because I needed to get going. She looked at me after I said that and said “or Text”. I though hmmm this girl want my phone number. I wrote it down for her with the paper she gave me. Picked up my bags and turn as if to start walking away. She told me put down your bags. She then took out another piece of paper and wrote her name down with her number. She goes by a more American name but she told me that her name was XXXXX as she pointed to her name tag. I was like cool. I really gotta get going, if you want we can continue the over coffee, lunch, dinner or something. She smiled and said Dinner would be good. I was shocked. I said okay I am off work today and tomorrow as well. She told me Today was no good but tomorrow would be much better. I was like okay. She shook my hand and I left.

    A couple of hours later I texted her.
    Twice with no answer.

    Texts are as follows.

    16:52 (Me) Dinner tomorrow evening, maybe we can go listen to a band or something afterwords.
    20:06 (Me) It was nice talking to you today. I am in the mood for dumplings. I guess it is your fault for asking me about Ukrainian food today

    Next day
    10:52 (Me) Hi XXXXX, I have a lot to do today. Let me know if you remember the other places to learn English. I hope you have a good day.
    12:21 (Me) Hey shirt friend. My and my friend Glenn are debating and we need and outside person opinion, who lies more men or women?
    12:48 ((Me) Hey Shorty, I may not be able to do dinner this evening. I have a meeting at 2:15 and I have been asked to help on a project that has to be shipped to China and Italy very soon. So I may end up working later than expected or go in this weekend. : ( I will let you know more in a while. Talk to you later and stay out of trouble : P
    16:37 (Me) Hey I can be free for dinner. If you still would like to go, short girl. I had to go back to Department store, because I forgot to buy a blanket. Let me know something either way. I hoe you are having a good day. Stay out of trouble short cute friend. Talk to you later.
    18:21 (Me) Well, no answer I and going on to have dinner. To bad we couldn't go out as friends. Thanks for the short information about the English classes. I will try to figure it out from what you had told me. Take care.
    18:47 (Me) If you wanna know something let me know. I am going out.
    18:47 (Me) : P

    Next day
    08:57 (HB3) Hi VARaputre! I found and address for your sweetheart, there should be a school.
    08:57 (HB3) Address of School
    09:00 (HB3) Another address
    09:02 (HB3) Oh, I'm sorry the 2nd address is a school. : )
    09:05 (HB3) I'll write you another address where free church school
    09:16 (Me) Cool thing short girl : P
    09:32 (HB3) No no I'm not short. I am beautiful!
    09:36 (Me) Okay, cute short girl. : P
    09:42 (Me) You off from work today?
    09:42 (HB3) You're not a bad guy, too long!
    09:45 (HB3) I work as a bee
    09:47 (Me) Yes, I know. It is hard to be as tall and be as good looking and sexy as I am. I still encourage other to try. : P
    09:48 (Me) You can't be a bee, Bees are small not short. : P
    09:52 (Me) That's what I will call you from now one. My cute shirt bee girl. ; )
    10:11 (Me) So tell me about yourself, my little bee girl. How is your day?
    12:49 (HB3) Well, what more can I say about my self,,,,? I am certainly not tall.
    12:49 (HB3) but I'm married : )
    12:49 (HB3) but I'm married : )

    12:51 (Me)
    13:14 (Me) That's cool. That means I don't have to worry about you chasing after me. : P
    13:20 (Me) We can still be friend if you ever need a lift I can pick you up. : P
    13:54 (HB3) How exciting! You do not even know me and already I can count on you...!
    13:54 (HB3) Or is it a figurative of speech? : )
    13:55 (Me) It was a joke
    14:05 (Me You are cute small married woman. You should stay away from me I could get you in to trouble. That is why there is doubt about my Fiancees Visa. ; )
    14:26 (Me) if you want to talk sometime let me know. Yes you are beautiful but I am sure there is more to you than that and being short.
    14:31 (HB3) Is it because you met me that you have doubts about your fiancee?
    14:31 (HB3)
    14:32 (Me) Want me to be honest?
    14:36 (HB3) What about your girl in Dnipropetrovsk?
    14:37 (Me) She is in Kiev.
    14:39 (HB3)No, matter where!
    14:39 (Me) I have doubts. I met you and thought wow a short beautiful woman who has charismatic energy about her. By the way I like short. : )
    14:40 (Me) But you are married.

    Two days later.

    12:25 (Me) Hey little bee.
    14:18 (Me) I need information for classes. Stay out of trouble.
    15:16 (HB3) Yes, I'll help you with that! If you have questions ask.
    15:27 (Me) Yes, just send me the information on all the places for classes. Not time to chat right now, kinda busy ; ). Plus going out with one of my girls friends tonight. So just send me the information when you have it all. Thanks, Gotta go. Bye. : P
    15:34 (HB3) Yes of course. I'll send! Have a good time with friends.
    15:57 (Me) Ok thanks
    16:38 (Me) I met a beautiful little sexy girl from Bosnia. Oh my she is so cute her name is XXXX. Going out in a bit.
    18:51 (HB3) good for you! And I cook for my husband his favorite meal! He loves when I meet him after work in an apron and underwear.
    18:51 (HB3) : )
    18:51 (HB3) : )
    18:58 (Me) Too cute, but I am busy right now. I'll talk with you later. Okay?
    20:11 (Me) I just read what you texted. That is so gross. We are going dancing, we are having a blast. I'll talk with you later little friend.

    Okay, I know I text her way to much. To I shouldn't have let her know I am in to her as quickly as I did. I am thinking that she only text me when she is not with her husband. I am confused. Is she just wanting attention? Am I miss reading you body language and IOIs? Is she really interested in me?

    I have a super hot girl I know who I have talked to that is much younger than me and know the whole deal about this. She is willing to go to the store and hang all over me and flirt with me in front of this woman.

    What is this girl up to?
    Any suggestion? Help. What should I do next?

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    Looked for one found another but she is married. HELP!

    From what i can gather from this. You conveyed far too much interest right in the very beginning. She seemed very interested when you exchanged numbers but it seemed to have gone downhill from there as you sent her too many texts without getting a response.

    Cat string theory at work here. She had the string wrapped all around her paw. I am not sure how to salvage this situation or even if it's worth salvaging.

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    Looked for one found another but she is married. HELP!

    Very true. She still keep texting me. Throwing the string out and I jump after it. I think if I seriously want to even attempt to salvage this it may take more work than I am wanting to put in for just a fling. The only thing I could even see possible doing would be to ignore her for quite a long time and possible let her cross paths when I am with another woman. But i may have displayed to much of a low value and she will soon tire and move on.

    If anyone can think of a way I can flip the tables here please let me know. The is a HB9. I am very interested in even if she is married. I think she is not happily married.

    I will not text her anymore or anything until further instruction. If it is all possible to back track on this and flip the tables.

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    Looked for one found another but she is married. HELP!

    This is how I think it should be played. Beware that I am not a PUA, so this is just a suggestion.

    The first step would be to not text her for a bit and see how much she chases you until she gets tired of chasing. If you think that she has chased you enough and demonstrated enough interest in you, then you should respond with a small pebble so she starts to chase you again. This small pebble could be a casual text just acknowledging her or something similar.

    Once she starts to chase you again after this small pebble, you have to DHV and then IOD/NEG her. You should get a couple IOI at this point, and if you do, give her a small hoop to jump in to see where her compliance level is. You wanna keep DHVing and testing her compliance level until it gets to sex.

    P.S. Reading through your text conversation up there, I see that you tried to use the jealousy plot by mentioning other girls. It was too obvious in my opinion and she saw right through that. That's why she mentioned cooking in underwear for her husband - to make you jealous. You have to be more subtle than that.

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    Looked for one found another but she is married. HELP!

    Thanks to be honest after looking at the whole thing the way things went down. Here is my play on things.
    1. I was speaking to the other woman who wanted me to meet HB9 and totally ignoring HB9. HB9 interupted as to say hey look at me. "IOI"
    2. HB9 seperated her self from the the other woman just to get me a lone to talk to me. " IOI"
    3. I followed as HB9 led "DLV" I should have acted like I was the one leading or walking away to see if she followed and not be lead. STRIKE ONE
    4. We chatted a lone for a bit, told her about my travels and my fiance. She told me about English classes and other things, plus place she like to go. I told her cool. Give me your email and I will send you a email so you can reply and email all the info. Started leaning away from her as to get ready to leave. "DHV"
    5. She said "Or Text" Takes out some paper for my number. "IOI"
    6. Gaver her my number and told her cool text me the info, I need to get going. (Which was true and not ad false time contrant). "DHV"
    7. She said "Put bags down." Thus she wanted me to stay and talk to her more. "IOI" and small hoop to see if I would jump throuh it. "DLV" ( should have kept my bags in my hands and leaned further awat and turned my body away from her as to getting ready to leave. "DHV")
    8. Chatted for a bit. picked my bags back up and turned my body awat from her and talked to her over my shoulder. (Times Contrant "DHV")
    9. She takes out another peice of paper and writes her name and number down. "IOI". She points out that she goes by Katarina but her real name pointing to her name tage was Ekatrina. "IOI" She wanst me to remember her name.
    10. She began to talk more and point her feet towards me and move closer. Chin down and pupils dialed "Submissive IOI"
    11. I cut her off and told her, "Look I really have to get going. If you want to continue this conversation we can sometime over Coffee, Lunch, Dinner or something." "Time Contrant & DHV"
    12. She said "Dinner would be good" "IOI"
    13. I tolder I was free that evening or tomorrow. "DLV" She said tonight was no good but tomorrow would be much better. "Small IOI & Small Hoop" I jumped. STRIKE TWO. I should have made vague plans that maybe we could do something tomorrow then if I was free, not tell her I was completely avaliable.
    14 I said cool, I gotta get going and thanks, She stuck her hand out palm up to shake my hand "Submissive IOI & Kino". Shook her had and said goodbye in Russian as this girl is Ukrainian. She replied and watched me walk off "IOI"
    15. I couldn't wait to Text her. She got in to my head. BIG MISTAKE STRIKE THREE
    16 I began Texting her way to much. I should have at least waited until the next day and been very vague about things. I should have let her come to me. And we begin the downward spin to major low DLV.

    To be honest after looking back at things It could take quiet a long time if at all to salvage this one even as bad as I would like to. I just do not think I could recover unless some how I slowly rebuild DHL and I begin to control the string. The hoops are going to have be very small at first and completely and very subtle to even get this one back. This is a major repair job.

    Nothing is impossible but something as not worth the effort.

    I could have gone to the point of where if I continued to text her she would get creeped out. i think she is close to that now. i dare not push it.

    If I went strolling through the store with some other HB I would have to do it at a distance and not near her as she would probably see right though it as something planned if we walked right in front of her.

    Right now, I feel I need to put distance between her and I to recreate mystery and slowly introduce my self back into things with her but not until she begins contact. If she Texts me i should at least wait one day ( a full 24 hours) to reply. Two may even be better. Three might piss her off but would definely start her mind to begin thinking.

    Incredible as many women i have been with and played this one woman got in my head so quickly.
    The sad thing is my fiancee will probably be here by the time this could ever be played out for her to stand a chance to steal me from my fiancee. So maybe it is her loss. I just helped her along the way by reverting back to being a chump.

    I will wait this one out. I will let you know how things go. Time is on my side for the better either way.

    I must just contain mental control and be aware of everything, i do, say, or text.

    I will let you know how things go.

    “Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.”~UNKNOWN

    "Invision the effects of your actions before you commit to them.." ~VA Raptuer

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