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    I am here for self improvement

    Health, wealth, fashion and relationship all three is what i want to improve on but right now i need to get my health and fitness WAY better. My whole life i was called a "chode" #Fuck the Chode Life. I'm gonna get in shape.

    30 min. on the stationary bike at a good pace.
    30 min. on the eliptical machine. good pace.
    Last 10 min. on the Eliptical machine i did HIIT 1 min. sprint and 1 min. relaxed.

    SHOULDERSLateral raises 25 repetitionsX3
    Raises to the front 25 repetitionsX3
    BICEPS:Concentration Curls
    15 repetitionsX3
    50 situpsX2

    Gonna keep posting what i am doing any other short stock people on here feel free to give tips and advice

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    I am here for self improvement

    You are doing a great job man!

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    I am here for self improvement

    haha thanks man, i try my best :]

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