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    Library Pickup Tips?

    What's good for opening in a library? Other than the usual "what's a good book?" "where do you find...?"

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    Library Pickup Tips?

    Any female opinion or situational openers should be fine.

    PUA: Hey, I just have a second but I need a female opinion on something. It’'s my friend’s birthday this weekend and I need to buy her gift, but I’'m having quite the dilemma here. What would you recommend, shoes or purse?

    HB: bla bla bla

    PUA: And I really don'’t know what to do because this friend is a model so she already has all the clothes in the world. You can'’t even imagine!

    HB: bla bla bla

    PUA: I’'ve been told to get everything already. Shoes, purse, make up, CDs. Even to get her a puppy can you believe that? But the hardest part about all this, is that this friend and I, we used to go out before but now I just see her as a good friend. And I don'’t want a gift that will make her think I still want something with her you know?

    HB: bla bla bla

    (transition to A2)

    This is just an example of an opener, but if you read the MM you will find a bunch more. Just remember though that a successful indirect opener must contain the following elements:

    -Does not show interest in the HB (you are just being sociable)
    -open over the shoulder (strong body language)
    -root (reason why you are talking to the HB)
    -false time constraint (idea that you'll be leaving soon)


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    Library Pickup Tips?

    Comment on a book she's looking at, or something about her.
    Like the other day a girl was looking at some big books so I asked her "You ever finished one of those books?"

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