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Thread: A Noob's Log

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    A Noob's Log

    Hey guys,

    Kamikaze here.. Little bit about me-- recently out of a 2 year relationship (thats a lie, its been 7 months) and haven't gotten with any girls yet....damn, now that I read that I need to ask myself what the hell have I been doing?!? But anyways, getting into the game and hoping it will work out for me.
    Ready to get back out there.

    Friday night- Went out with some buds to a bar/club in town this past Friday night. Had a few drinks and mostly hung around my buddies. Eventually got out onto the dance floor and started dancing, not really caring how i looked dancing as a guy in the middle of the dancefloor with my guy friends because I knew why I was out there. Eventually, grinded on this HB9 (damn she was BAD!) with an amazing body! Unfortunately didn't say a word to her (too distracted by that backside!) and after 2 songs she walked away.

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    A Noob's Log

    Danced "near" a few other girls but no single girl was giving me any IOIs. Long story short, night ended a while later without getting any girls numbers or anything. But I wasn't mad or disappointed because I am trying out a frame that I basically tell myself that I am out to have fun so that way I don't give off a despaerte vibe.

    Saturday night- Went out with my crew again and was feeling on top of the world going into the night (I try to raise my spirits and testosterone before heading out to give me that xtra boost). Had a couple drinks and headed to the dancefloor at another bar/club in town. Immediately grinded on this HB6, which was nice and got my testosterone going a little. Walked away to find other, better girls. Eventually spotted this really cute asian girl (HB7.5) standing by herself by the wall. Man, I knew I was doing everything wrong when I approached her showing way too much interest from the start, but at least I was making an effort.

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    A Noob's Log

    Said hey, exchanged names although I couldn't hear her name b/c the music was god awfully loud. Held out my hand (mini compliance test) and told her she needed to dance with me, she was smiling and laughing. Started dancing, and everything was fine for about 45 seconds until I felt the need to maintain frame and keep the convo going. HA! This is my biggest downfall--not knowing what to say to keep the girl interested, or not knowing what to say at all. So I fell into the newbie trap of the interview game--you know, the one where you ask, "What are you drinking? You having a good time? Who you here with? Blah blah blah." I knew it was wrong but I felt a need to fill the air with talk, even if it was crap. She was polite and responded well, but wasn't giving me any strong IOIs.

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    A Noob's Log

    Eventually, bounced off for a few minutes to get some water and create a game plan. Walked back to her and danced for a minute then decided to ask her and her friend to come join me and my friends at another bar. "Thats too far for us." Damn! At least she was polite when she said it. Wished her and her friend a good night and carried on.

    What I feel I did wrong= Showing too much interest from the start, lack of interesting small talk skills, asked her questions (I deplore doing so), not approaching many women.

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    A Noob's Log

    What I learned= Don't approach with too much interest haha, only ask questions when absolutely necessary.

    What I will work on= Approach more women. Be playful and help them have fun by being fun. Small talk should be about what is on my mind. Don't make it an interview.

    If I get clear IOIs from a girl, I am great with my game. Where I struggle is with the approach, what do I say? how should I act? how to not show too much interest? I guess I need to get some openers to help open a set.

    My goals= Be able to see a girl, go up to her, have an awesome convo and build a connection with her right there and be able to seal the deal a good amount of the time. Talking kiss close, number close at least, and potentially hookups. Working on it.

    I need help. All advice is welcome.

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    A Noob's Log

    Well done.

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