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    I can't figure it out and it's been happening for years.

    This has been happening to me since high school, whenever I'm in a group with two or more people. It happened in some of my approaches too.

    Anyways here is what happens:

    The conversation didn't really happen I'm just using this for what usually happens.

    *Two people start talking to each other in a group, I join in.*

    Person 1: Dude, did you see the wicked show in Vegas?

    Person 2: Yes, I loved how they caught the bullets in their teeth.

    CONJOPI: It's pretty amazing how they figured how to do the dual bullet catch.

    *Person 1 makes and holds eye contact with CONJOPI when he speaks*

    *Person 1 shifts eye contact to Person 2 and begins to speak to Person 2*

    Person 1: I wonder if the bullets aren't even real...

    Person 2: Like some kind of trick bullets.

    *Then Person 1 and Person 2 continue to talk to each other until CONJOPI speaks.*

    I hope you get the picture... This happens to me often even if I know the two other people for years. I always feel sort of rejected whenever it happens. What does that mean when they do that?

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    I can't figure it out and it's been happening for years.

    If you're not talking enough,people will of course find something to keep themselves busy... if you don't know what to say, chances are, you probably don't know the topic well enough...
    1- Option 1: Change to something you know about in which you can speak with enthusiasm,at the same time, you believe the topic would be interesting to others... For example, talk to 2 girls about quantum physics is definitely not the right topic, unless you've got a great joke! Talking about how to make their hairs look good is a great topic,if you know it well.
    2- Option 2: Get genuinely interested in what people are saying. Listen attentively, find something you're curious about and ask may end up learning something for yourself as you listen to people...

    Another reason for feeling rejected is because you feel like you didn't came from a place of higher or equal status. Like 'I am fortunate he's my friend' and not ' we're both fortunate to be each others friend.''To cure this:
    1-Then I recommend studying The Ghost from Revelation.
    2- Write down 10 greatest accomplishment in your life, and read it once a day
    3- Maybe you're not extremely comfortable talking to people in general,then I suggest open lots of sets, just for the sake of feeling comfortable chatting
    4- Energy puts you in a talkative state--Exercise, listen to music,dance..
    5- Watch comedy and develop a sense of humor. If you just made people laugh, it's hard to feel like people are rejecting you.

    In some situations, there's no need to aim to be center of attention. For example, when my manager and my boss is speaking, I won't jump into their conversation. That will make me look like a fool, unless I got a great joke.

    One thing to notice... if you feel you're rejected, it can be normal. It's hard to be center of attention all of the time in social situations, others may be rejected as well in times. For example, Your friend A is talking to his friend B. You walk up and say hi, how's everything going to your friend A, then your friend B may just stand there wandering around feeling rejected. It's just that you don't feel it when others are rejected, so your focus is only on when you are rejected... it's good to observe others in social situations.

    Would this affect seduction? Well, if you do groups, you may have hold people's attention for a couple of min--using canned materials, then when you isolate your target, that's one on one... And if after you've seduced your target, next time you see her talking to her friend, and ignored you--that's because her friend made her temporarily forget about you. It doesn't mean anything, you can still go back and seduce your target.

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    I can't figure it out and it's been happening for years.

    Stay silent. If there are 3 people in a group, lets imagine me you and my wingman are all in a room. For the sake of the scenario imagine we know you a little bit, we are cool with you but we aren't best friends.

    I turn to my wingman and say "Oh man I cant believe your ex rang you up drunk the other night what's all that about"/

    I am addressing my wingman specifically. Not you. We are talking about something that you weren't there for. This is personal and private.

    If you butt into our conversation, that you don't know much about we will feel odd vibes. You will be a social violator, I wasn't talking to you, we don't know you that well. You're trying to force your way into the conversation.

    Stay silent until the topic returns to a more general conversation-if we start talking about whether Man U will win the league, then join in. Its not private, thats a general conversation thread that anyone can come into.

    Now me and my wing would avoid that error, in real life we would keep private conversations private. But not everyone is that astute, respond to their mistake by staying silent There's an old saying around my area "if in doubt, say nought".

    Hope that helps you I used to do the same thing as you!

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