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Thread: grappling hook.

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    grappling hook.

    well i just wanted to share a little story that happened last night. (i'm 17 btw) and so i met this girl at this party, she was giving me some indicators of interest and in the middle of talking to her i had to leave to go back home (curfew). so anyways since i live up the street from where the party was, once i got to my room i was wondering ways on how i can possibly see this girl again. i then realized that my stepsister gave me a ninja grappling hook for christmas and i had it in my closet the whole time. since i live on the 2nd floor, i sparked an idea. so i looked up on youtube how to use a grappling hook and i started planning. this was around 11:30 p.m just saying. since my mom was taking a long time in going to sleep, i decided to improvise and put pillows in my bed to look as if i was there. i got the grappling hook and i locked it by my window and i went down the front of my house by the grappling hook. i had to leave the window a little open so i could get back inside and i left. 10 minutes later i got a call from my mom asking me where i was. FUCKED. i told my mom i was down the street (not telling her i was at the party) and then i ran out of the party back to my house. she was pretty pissed and iím sure iím grounded but what good does that serve me if iíve already heard it a million times? lol. let me know what u guys think i should do?

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    grappling hook.

    apologize , tell her you understand how she feels and then tell her the truth on how you wanted to see that girl .

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