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    Odd Situation

    I m in the game for years, and never have this odd situation.
    I number close a phone number from this girl 3 days ago. We talked little bit and set up a date for the next day - she flaked. But, she said there was lots of work and she couldn't come. We set up a new date. During that time she called me and text me with no stop. Call me in the middle of the night, and send me text again and again. The next day she flaked again. And since than she called me, and text non stop.
    This is really weird.. She is obviously enjoy talking with me.. But when it's come to meet in real life she is flaking.
    I set up another date with her..even though I know she will flake again.What to do with that ?
    Should i b more assertive with her ?
    I really don't care right now, because I know she will flake again. But.. I want to hear from others what can i do different ?

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    Odd Situation

    Hey Pentium,

    Ignore her for a few days despite her constant barrages of texts/calls. Don't answer. She is one of those girls who enjoys the attention of toying with you but not giving you anything physical in return. Go about your daily routine and if she happens to call you a few days later while you're doing something just say, "Hey, I've been busy, got lots of stuff to do, but I am going shopping (or running errands, which you really are cuz you have a productive, busy life) and I need someone to push around my shopping cart while I select items from the produce section so you should be my pusher lady (reference to curtis mayfield's "pusher" man song lol) and if she agrees then you should offer to pick her up or meet there or whatnot, but don't go out of your way to set up a meet or date-like scenario anymore with her. If she is hesitant, just say that you are calling your other girlfriends to assist you in your shopping cart endeavors and you just came across her call (create a jealousy plotline verbally to let her know you have other girls in your life no matter if you do or not, just imagining them will change your behavior so that you will eventually have women in your life if you stick with the game). Don't act out or say that she is a flaky POS (which is what my mind thinks when I want to call an HB out) because she is expecting that from you and all of the other guys she is doing this to. Just act cool, calm, collected. She is shit-testing you with her shenanigans but treat it as if you could care less cuz you have other women in your life.

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    Odd Situation

    Don't worry to much about it. You should attempt to hang out but you shouldn't put to much emphasis on it. There could be many reasons why she calls you and flakes. It could be she's just out of a relationship and isn't in a good headspace to really engage another person romantically. Or it could be she's just busy, or whatever.. Regardless of the reason you can only plan the day two and see what happens. Since she flakes allot you can't really make her a big deal or put to much thought into it because she's not reliable. Keep gaming other girls but don't react to her behavior one way or another until she does something to earn your attention. At the moment she's really not an important aspect of your life so kinda look at it like you could take it or leave it without caring to much.

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    Odd Situation

    Quick Update

    She text me in the morning - hi, hoe r u ? I didn't response for that. After 4 hours she text again - What r u doing ? I ansered after one hour and told her i m busy at work (kind of Iod). She called me at the afternoon and asked me for a date. I didn't say yes immediatly (playing little hard to get).
    We met at the evening and kiss closed her Hope to give you FC report next time..

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