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    What if I get caught using material?

    Quote Originally Posted by BachataMan View Post
    I think it doesn't matter when it all comes down to it. After all, women are doing the same sort of thing to us.
    Was just about to say the same thing.

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    What if I get caught using material?

    I think this would depend on the woman. There are only a few ways a woman would know about 'material' in the first place - mainly, either it's been used on her before or she is familiar to some degree with the PUA community. However she knows, denial is the wrong way to go.
    If it's been used on her before I'd say at least recognize that you've still opened the set so all is not lost. If she points it out it by trying to put you down, maybe neg right back with something like, "I was just using what works to do you the favor of getting some attention..." or something along those lines. I liked the "Is is working?" comment too - cute.
    If she's perhaps more like me, and recognizes it because of familiarity with the community, I would guess (hope) she'll make this obvious in the way she tells you. Use it as a chance to get some direct feedback or even as a topic of conversation - you have something in common already. Hope this helps.

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