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    POF Fake Girl profile profile eval

    Hey guys just finished researching POF with a fake girl profile
    that I opened. It's actually a girl from my country that we had
    for miss universe candidate last year. She didn't even get to
    the 20 semifinalists but she's still very hot and sophisticated.
    BTW SorryTo you PUA guys in SOCAL who fell for the bait :P
    Just had to see what I'm competing against.

    Incredible the type of response, it wasn't as expected really.
    The mailbox just was innundated from the first minutes of
    even finishing posting the fake profile. The first day I had
    like 40 messages in the first few hours.

    Have to say, some messages good, some bad, some great,
    others quite pathetic attempts.
    What I also found out is that most tall guys are looking for the
    tall girls, this one's 6 feet tall and the tall guys were crawling
    in her mailbox. Just a couple of guys were short or a couple
    of inches shorter.
    And for you guys here afraid of tall girls, let me tell you this:
    height has little impact with your chances with a girl,
    believe me! I am tall and it's not that much of an advantage over
    the others, or aa definitive or deciding
    point in this game. I've seen loads of short guys with taller women
    you don't have to have any inferiority complexes for this.
    It all comes down to Satisfaction. R. Jeffries

    Well anyway, I've been on this pof site now, for like 3 months or more
    and haven't seen any results. It's been several girls I've messaged
    with DECENT openers and only one has responded about a Neg
    I throwed which she didn't even understand.
    THe others have been plainly and outright oblivious to my messages,
    so "what's baking my noodle" now is if I have a decent fun, outgoing,
    respectful message, a decent profile(not leaving things in blank or
    w/o pictures), and taken several ideas from Bravo Pua's online game
    talk, then Why are these girls not responding??

    Could it be that there are too many guys in this site who are
    jamming their mailbox just as with my fake girl profile that they
    don't even care anymore? what's the deal here?
    Any insights would be helpful.

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    POF Fake Girl profile profile eval

    this is a real fact. There are so many fake profiles online

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    POF Fake Girl profile profile eval

    More strategy

    Ok so far I've been trying to tailor my first message according to sth I find in her profile that catches my attention or ask a question about her pictures and so.
    Haven't had any success so far with that approach so I'm trying to
    keep it even more light and just say hi and use some ice breakers
    I found in another website, like these:

    *I liked your profile. What do you think of mine?
    >Your profile looks great. Any more photos to share?
    >Looking for a (sport in her profile) partner. Are you interested?
    *Let's experience the great outdoors together! Email me!
    >Adventure awaits! Are you ready? Let's chat!
    *I would like to learn more about you. Wanna chat?
    >Great smile! Wanna chat?
    *Wanna chat?

    To ALL you lurkers, since nobody seems to contribute to the knowledge
    of the VA community I'm all about experimenting and research so I'm
    sending 10 of each to random decent looking girls and see what I get.

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    POF Fake Girl profile profile eval

    Love your experimentation. Keep it up, we need a good online game guy. I always had a slight urge to online game but it always seemed way easier to me just go to the beach or a bar.

    I know that not the case with everybody for many reasons so rock on!

    I also want to say that I don't think those openers are gonna work out well.

    So it's similar to speed dating. She sits, she waits, she gets suitors. She gets to pick from a large variety, 100's online. Research has shown in speed dating that women become more picky because of the overabundance.

    My last wingman (recently retired) was very successfull on POF with what I'll call the reverse interview opener. Where he imagined what she might want to know about him and wrote it down. Wish I had a copy but it wasn't anything fancy. A small bio, current situation type thing. Pics and everything else all congruent.

    I'm talking a new girl every week and a half or two weeks. Some he'd hang with longer if they were fun. Of course he followed it up with some bitchin natural game but the opener did get replies consistently.

    Often in face to face PU I get a sense the girl is soaking up every little detail she can, like a subconscious Sherlock, in order to make her decision with the most information she can get.

    OK, so theres the facts. Now I'm gonna get KJ on you and recommend an experiment along those lines

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