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    Solo Mission

    After a month of reading and watching MM, and the game. I decided to go out and by the rules of the game and do the 30 day challenge. Didnt think id be here already. Day 2 take to five people, so okay ill use an indirect Opener should be easy enough.

    My problem is currently I have no job, and no where to go besides the gym or friends houses. Ive always been one of those people that hates going out in public unless its a job or im with friends. So my question is for a noob solo sarging where do you go? I mean I have no reason to go to a mall, do i just go in and walk around scoping out sets to pretend im buying a kashmere sweater? I wanna get good at this but its just so far off what im used to. Help me out bros.

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    Solo Mission

    Yeah I mean I used to go to malls and random places like that but one thing u could do is only get one day supply of food at a time to force urself to either eat out and meet ppl on the way, or go grocery shopping every day and just open there. Then u can supplement that with the occasional coffee shop. Also maybe hit up a bar or happy hour some place. I never really liked going out alone just to pick up. That's why I'd just do things I had to do and game on the way

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    Solo Mission

    Join a sport or an interest group and make some new irl friends.

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    Solo Mission

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Strong View Post
    Your mind is CREATING problems: "what if i don't have a job...."

    first off - don't hit on your coworkers. plenty of other girls who aren't trapped in a closed environment.

    BEST PLACE TO SARGE - bars and clubs. people are out to mingle. they are ready to be talked to. by far the easiest.

    Daygame - you can go to malls, this is the next best place - as people are less out to mingle, but malls are a very public place, and daygame at a mall is fun

    parks - parks can be good as well, especially on a warm summer day.

    other places: social gatherings, parties, concerts, dance classes are all quite good.

    I would start with more social venues before you worry about day game cold approach.
    Ah I see I kind of worded that wrong. What I meant was I have no job atm. Meaning I wont already have to be out and about, interacting with people throughout the day. So besides the occasional trip to the store to grab milk at the pharmacy, and going to the gym. Ill really have to be going out, solely for just sarging. Which im fine with that, some guys go out sarging all the time and im just wondering where they go.

    I know bars are the holy grail of PU for MM, and I try and go out every weekend with friends. I just wanted to get into the groove of things and practice a bit before going there alone during the week. All of the clubs ive been to are so loud and crammed with people it just seems like it would be very hard to practice there.

    I know its much easier to just be doing something and see someone and go for it. I just dont go out unless I have a reason too.

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    Solo Mission

    As far as bars and clubs to go to solo. That requires some research. Either by word of mouth or onine reviews. Speaking of which, if the place doesn't have a website or some type of social media set up, its not that good. Tim String is right on the money. the more people in the venue, the more chances you have to work on game.
    My issue with going out with friends is that you tend to focus on them more than working on game, which is fine since your already out with a group of people and haning out with them. There's no problem with going out alone. Alot of mpuas do it too. Dont let people hold you back from succeding.
    In fact your limiting yourself with all these "reasons". Any place that has a lot of people is good for sarging.

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