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    Fully closed a 8 in the toilets!

    I was working in a town called Swindon last Thursday, which Is a town I used to live in and sarge alot so I thought it would be fun to go out for the night and sarge there again.
    I went out with two old friends who are both game aware but there skill sets aren't as practised as mine.
    We went into a bar which has 2 floors and is normally quite good for sargin, I opened a few sets and tryed to get my wings involved but they didn't seam in the mood and with nothing really hooking they started just talking to local blokes at the bar, which was when I noticed a blonde hb 8 heading out the door of the smoking area, so I followed.
    When I got outside I saw her sat at a table with another man, but I thought what the hell and opened them anyway! After running a couple of humor tracks and throwing a few negs I asked how they new each other? They just worked together, it was on! Just then a hb 7 approached the table with 3 drinks obviously there friend so I handled the external interupt by saying 'were alright for drinks thanks' and pretending I thought she was a waitress. The hb 8 then introduced me to her friend and she sat down with us after about ten mins of normal chat and I told a couple of Dhv stories I said I was going to the bar to get a drink, the male orbiter said he would come with me to get some drinks for the rest of them, at the same time my target the hb 8 said she was going to the toilet.
    Whilest the male orbiter took his drinks back to the table I decided to stay by the bar and wait for my target to come back from the toilets so I could isolate her.
    As she walked by the bar she came up to me and we started talking again, so I started to qualify her, and tryed a compliance test to which she complied so I number closed her an we then rejoined her friends after alot more chat she said she was going to the toilet again I said I needed it too so I went with her knowing that you have to walk up two flights of stairs I could go for the kiss close in private.
    On the stairs I kissed closed her and things started getting abit heated an then we herd other people coming up the stairs so I took her hand and led her in to the toilet with me! I was fully closing her in the toilet cubical when a bouncer knocked on the door and asked us to leave! He marched us back through the bar in front of everybody to the front door and told us we were barred!! So we then started walking up the high street when she then grabbed me and dragged me in to the front entrance of a bank by the atm machines and I fully closed her there!

    So never assume a mixed two set are in a relationship!
    My advice would be open as many mixed sets as possible I know I will be from now on!

    Happy sarging


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    Fully closed a 8 in the toilets!

    Good job! You went after what you wanted with plausible deniability......then f-close out in public! Love it......

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