I had something crazy happened last weekend. I was at a bar with my friends. Just chilling. One of my friends told me to go and talk to the chick who was sitting right next to us. I don't like sarging next to my friends. Its just a personal preference. So I said no. But then, I couldn't stop myself cz the girl had a really nice scarf.

HB1 - Target (8.5)
HB2 - Her friend (7)

Me: "I really like your scarf"
HB1: "Oh. Thank you"

Then I kept talking to my friends. Then, later.

Me: *turning to her, showing interest* "Hey. Come and join us"
HB1: (i dont even remember what she said lol)
Me: "Alright, you are the two unsocial ones here" *turning to my friends. ignoring her*
HB1: *pokes me* Hey we are having an important conversation. We will join you guys as we finish.
Me: Alright. *and kept talking to my friends*

Ok this is where the FR starts.

I stand up and go to their dorms. Wide body language (taking as much space as I can), facing their table. (i know i made a mistake there but...)

Me: "Are you guys best friends?"
HB1: "yes we are"
HB2: "we have known each other for 6 years"
Me: "Can I see if you are?" *immediately*
Me: "Do you guys use the same shampoo?"
*looked at each other*
Me: You guys are best friends *body rock*
(then I explained that to them. Then... I have been kinoing, ftc, framing everything, I was running like 4-5 threads. I have never done anything this good). They were planning on leaving in 10 minutes but they changed their mind.

HB1 to HB2: "Ok I wanted to leave now (its 1120pm). but lets leave in 40 minutes"

After 20minutes of awesome talking. I was getting plenty amount of IOIs. HB1 was rubbing my arm while and HB2 completely disarmed. I made a big big mistake. I told a story about me liking a girl who was not into me. And messed everything up. I don't even know why. I just put it as a caution for myself to never bring that conversation again. But the next 10minutes. After that big blast I kinda got on rails again but... The girls found out that im 18 years old. They went like. "you are such a baby." (they were 23). I said: "am i a baby or are you just old?". HBs: "Hmmm... Both". Then HB2 brought up that HB1 has a boyfriend. It was weird.

Then the conversation just ended and they left. I am so happy about the progress I made (i automatically kino and ftc all the time, body language and delivery is in a good shape. But still need to work on slowing down my pace of talking more and adding more pauses. And need to make conversations way more sexual).

I want to know though. Why did it go wrong? I gave one DLV. Would on DLV destroy the whole game? Or was it because they turned off by finding out that im that young.