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Thread: A Girl at Work

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    A Girl at Work

    So there’s this girl I work with, she’s only an HB6 so nothing too special but it never hurts to practice (and it definitely doesn’t hurt to FClose, right?). I know picking up girls at work can be sketchy, but we’re both thinking about moving on soon and I want to make a move before one of us leaves.

    The big obstacle right off the bat is her boyfriend. He’s a real beta chump so I’m confident I can AMOG him, but he has a pretty big gun collection (both literally and figuratively) so I need to play it careful.

    The other major problem is that it’s hard to get her separated from another co-worker, who is like, an HB2. At best. Obviously I don’t want anything to do with her because she’s ugly, but it’s tough to avoid her because they spend so much time together. I tried being nice to her at first to DHV, but she has one massive BS so I’ve pretty much given up on that. But they’re really close friends—they have lunch together and go to the bathroom together and sneak off to the broom closet together to, I don’t know, gossip or something. Something has to be done about her.

    Also, we work at a funeral parlour, which is a bit of a downer because it’s hard to be flirtatious when you’re embalming a withered octogenarian together. I guess it opens up a whole field of “stiff” puns, but honestly I don’t think I’d even want to get laid with a girl who found those funny. On the plus side we have to dress formal and if I may say so myself I look pretty classy in black tie, but there’s a limit to how sexy you can look standing next to a corpse. Any ideas on how to proceed?

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    A Girl at Work

    okay man, first of all you need to get her out of the workplace, because thats some creepy shit lol. plus if you get her out of there you'll probably get rid of her friend too

    to do that you'll need to step things up. try to get back in this fat girl's good books, and if that's a lost cause you need to isolate your target. if that means flirting with her over some dead dude then so be it lol. from there just DHV, kino, the usual shit

    don't talk about her boyfriend at all, once you get her in bed a couple of times she'll feel guilty and dump him. problem solved. if you make any kind of progress with her they cant be that serious right?

    and even though it sounds like there's a time limit don't stress out about it too much. if she's only an HB6 it's not a big deal. I mean you should still go for it, but relax. if it doesn't work out you can just go do better

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