I'm not the best at making stories short but I will give it a shot.......

Background: 24 years old, I work in real estate, and up until now I have never asked for advice.

I just don't know what to do. A big thanks for any and all help anyone can provide. Please excuse that I am not up on terminology.

Synopsis: I have a strung lust for a client. She is 31 with very admirable qualities. She is heading into what I know is her second divorce. I have asked her out but gotten no where and I'm driving myself nuts.

About a month ago I received a work lead regarding a woman looking for a rental. I met her the first day and as soon as she stepped out of the car I was mesmerized. As it turns out, and to my embarrassment, my property manager had not put out a key for the home we were to view. I explained to her that I was sorry, showed her the community amenities, and agreed to buy her lunch to make up for the mistake on our next appointment. She said ok and I did not have any ill intentions as I noticed a giant rock on her wedding finger.

On our next visit we were able to get into the home. She liked it and explained her husband would not live with her and that it would be her and daughter residing in the home. I offered her the lunch I had promised and she declined saying it was ok. She filled out an application and things were approved right away. I texted her to see if she could come in for the lease signing the following day and she was there in 30 minutes. I was caught up with a client and she was to do the signing with my assistant. Ten minutes later my assistant said my client had some questions for me. I excused myself and met with her briefly. All of her questions were minuscule. I got the feeling she was just trying to see me.

I called her the following day as I needed her in to fill out some community paperwork. She was there within an hour. We sat in the conference room and she mentioned crossing out the portion that asked for spouse information. She came right out and told me he wasn't going to be her husband for much longer. She then proceeded to let me in on her story without me asking. She said it took her by surprise as he had just come home one day and told her he wasn't in love with her anymore. Then she spoke about how she was fine and had plenty of friends and family so she felt she hadn't lost anything. She also had let me know she was an RN in the niccu.

When she left she shook my hand and gave me this familiar look she had been giving me since I first met her. Except this time it was a bit more deep. I had a feeling rush over me. She walked out of my office and I felt as if I couldn't breath. Multiple women / girlfriends over the years and not a one ever did this to me.

I started going nuts. I knew she was getting a divorce but I had an overwhelming feeling about this woman. I wanted her on so many levels it was unreal. After five days I had lost it. I found a reason to call her regarding her rental. I left a voicemail and she called me back that evening. I put all my cards out in the end and said ' On a side note, and excuse me for being forward, I was wondering if you would let me take you to dinner.' She replied ' Wow, ummmm I don't know. I really dont know. I'm very flattered. I just don't know because of my divorce.' So I said ' Well how about I let you think about it ' and she said ok.

Immediately after she texts me the following: Wow, you caught me off gaurd, lol. I am very flattered. Maybe after my divorce is over.Thank you for asking, just one question...you're not married are you? lol

I had forgotten I was wearing a ring I received as a present from my ex.

I explained I was sorry for catching her off gaurd but that she was gorgeous and I couldn't help myself. I also explained I had forgotten to take the ring off.

She said ' Just checking, because I saw you had one on, lol."

The next time I saw her was last Friday when I gave her the key and did a walk through of the home with her. We had spoken on the phone since but I never mentioned anything. Neither did she. When I met her I was again caught under a spell of sorts. I noticed she had tattoos down her upper arms which was an even bigger turn on for me. There was nothing I didn't like about her. We finished up and I shook her hand, with her giving me that look again. I told her good luck and to call me if she needed anything. When I left she had 8 friends helping her move. I got in my car and felt overwhelmed again. I took the rest of the morning off and went for a very long drive.

I don't know what to do. I have received IOI's : The way she looks at me and the fact that she opened up a private part of her life to me regarding the divorce. I'm going nuts here. I'm considering contacting her tomorrow to check and make sure everything is ok. I'm also considering mentioning my offer again. I don't want to but I'm driving myself nuts here for some reason.

How should I play this so I have my best chance?