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    FR - did i deal with buyer's remorse ok?

    Setting - Day game in the city with some fellow puas. I made several approaches during the course of the day but for this report I'll focus on my most successful one.

    I was standing in the street discussing tactics with the guys. I'm daydreaming a little bit... My buddy notices my attention is elsewhere and clocks what I'm staring at. 2 really cute HBs sitting on a bench nearby. "I can see what you're staring at you know" he says. "Go talk to them". Its just what I need, honestly I can't emphasise enough how much easier approaching becomes when someone else makes the decision for you. Its something I will have to work on in future as I won't always have someone there pushing me to open.

    So I start walking towards them, openers running through my head, heart pounding, mouth dry. I sit down and ask an opinion opener that I've been working on. I won't write it out here but if anyone is interested I'd be happy to pm it.

    They respond well and I sit down beside them. I tell them a few entertaining stories about what fun adventures I've been up to recently. I ask how they know each other. "Oh we're friends from uni". "Best friends?" I ask. "Yep". You wanna do the best friends test? " Hold on a second" hbtall says... "You've read that book, haven't you!" I'm thinking, ahhh shit, what the hell do I say to get out of this horrible situation?

    "What book is that?" I ask. "Hmmm I can't remember the exact name" replies hbtall. "Well you're going to have to be more specific than that, I've read a lot of books..." I say. Thank god, she is distracted for a second and I move on quickly before she can ask any more awkward questions.

    They've been sitting on the bench for ages so I tease them about what fun lives they have, sitting on benches all day... There must be something *very* special about this bench for you guys to like it so much! By this point they are laughing away and we are all having a good time.

    I tell them my plans for the night and suggest we meet up. # close hbtall and rejoin the boys.

    The next day I text a bunch of girls to invite them out to a club I'm going to later that night. Hbtall texts me back inviting me to a houseparty instead. Why not? I was a bit nervous about going considering I will know noone but her and her bench friend. What if I fuck up? What if I'm left sitting on a couch with noone to talk to? These were some of thoughts I had before I went but I'm glad I ignored them.

    I had a great time at the houseparty. Hbtall answers the door and takes me upstairs to the party, where she introduces me to everyone. I am friendly to everyone I meet and grab a chair and sit down in a group of people. Hbtall sits down next to me.

    We're talking, we're talking and having a great laugh swapping stories. There's lots of touching going on and lingering eye contact between me and hbtall. I take a break every now and then and speak to some of her friends, showing one of the guys a cool way to open beer bottles without an opener.

    After a few hours the party moves to a club in the city. Hbtall tells me that I should come too, so I decide to go along with them. Once inside we go to the dancefloor with her friends. As I'm telling her a story she looks me in the eyes, leans in and kisses me. I'm thinking, man this girl is so hot. I can't believe I'm kissing her!

    I'm enjoying it but at the same time I don't want to take it too far and end up with buyers remorse problems.

    Woah, we'd better slow this down I say. Why she asks? I don't really have a good answer for this. Any ideas? Am I even doing the right thing here? She keeps trying to kiss me but I stop it and we rejoin her friends. we kiss a few more times throughout the course of the night. She has to leave early for some reason, I think because she has work early the next day. She gives me a long kiss goodbye and I stay in the club with her friends for a while.

    Anyway, I wanted to post this because it felt so fucking cool to pick up a hb on the street one day and then kiss her the next.

    Update - called hbtall the other day(we spent like half an hour chatting and teasing each other on the phone) and we arranged to meet up to do some shopping in town and then go for a coffee. I was kino escalating a lot throughout the date, making sure she was comfortable with my touch. I haven't really done this much before but I'm starting to get a feel for it. The fact that we were touching, holding hands, hugging etc throughout the date made it so much easier to kiss her again.

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    FR - did i deal with buyer's remorse ok?

    Cool story dude! I Don't see any buyers remorse at all in her actions. Seems it's ur actions and congruence that made it a nice way to sweep a girl off her feet! Quality work there!

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    FR - did i deal with buyer's remorse ok?

    Very nice work buddy and welcome to Australia

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    FR - did i deal with buyer's remorse ok?

    Thanks guys! Negative - absolutely love it out here

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    FR - did i deal with buyer's remorse ok?

    I'm enjoying it but at the same time I don't want to take it too far and end up with buyers remorse problems.
    Buyer's remorse doesn't apply here. She's the one escalating. She wants to get what she's buying and she wants to buy it NOW. Besides, buyer's remorse generally applies to full sexual intercourse, not a make-out session.

    It's cool that you're pacing things though, it sounds like she's the one chasing you.

    Woah, we'd better slow this down I say. Why she asks?
    "Because I don't think you want it badly enough.... yet."

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