I am a beginner and just started to actively sarge. I just started school for this semester and there are a lot of good looking girls, 7s 8s and one 9. In a school setting I just couldn't think of an opener for the 9 girl. Until now, I though of pretending to mistake her for one of my friends, I think this will show I am preselected by women, I am a leader, and a social guy.

So this is how it goes.

"Wait, Lesly!? wow long time no see (go in for a hug), how are you? (By this time she will probably say "I not Lesly" or something of the sort. Me "Oh haha I confused you for one of my long ago friends, how ironic the same thing happened to me a couple weeks ago when a girl confused me for her ex and she tried making out with me"

Then I go into my next routine "Anyways..."