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    How do I deal with competing males?

    Last night I was out with a girl and I think I dealt with it successfully. I could clearly see he was into her and kept trying to initiate conversation...he even offered to buy her a drink and she said no :P (afc hehe) I just leaned back, negged the target etc and whenever he would try to amog me (as we are old school buddies) I would say something which would make him dhv me such as "ohhh can you remember that time in geography when..." and then he would normally finish the story...and it usually involved me being the centre of attention and funny guy in school or protecting my buddies.

    What other simple things could I do to be amog of the group and what can I do to compete with other males?

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    How do I deal with competing males?

    I bitch slapped a guy last night haha that worked for me. haha It was pretty hilarious but seriously don't do that except if you know without a doubt you can get away with it.

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    How do I deal with competing males?

    Luckily I knew him so probably could :P and am a Muay Thai coach....but...I don't wanna fight or cause trouble in front of a girl ...women are attracted to social intelligence...causing trouble isn't socially intelligent especially if it can impact on her value.

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    How do I deal with competing males?

    Quote Originally Posted by MayaMan View Post
    ..I don't wanna fight or cause trouble in front of a girl ...women are attracted to social intelligence...causing trouble isn't socially intelligent especially if it can impact on her value.
    There you go

    Right attitude to start with.

    Sounds like what you did was fine because he increased your value in the long run. If you didn't know the guy, then what you'd normally do is make eye contact with her and kinda whisper "how rude" with a smile. This should get her to laugh (if the guy interrupted you) and brings her attention back to you. Who cares what the guy is doing. What matters is what you two are doing. If the guy continues, then you take her hand and say, "follow me," while you lead her somewhere else. If she's into you, she'll be glad you did it.

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    How do I deal with competing males?

    Thanks man I kinda get the attitude your showing I wanna be subtle non-reactive and keep the convo with me and her. You seem to know your stuff I would like t get your opinion on something if thats cool. I believe I gamed her fine last night my friend who is also a pua said I played a strong game...however we spoke about meeting today last night and I text her but she didn't do I go about this? Should I forget her? Should I punish her in some way? (I know she works ina restaurant....turn up with some of my female buddies?)

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    How do I deal with competing males?

    As awesome as texting is, it always fucks guys up. I know it seems bad if she doesn't answer right away or even within a couple of hours. The key is, do NOT worry about it. Worrying about her not texting back right away is needy. Needy is not good.

    She works in a restaurant. Alright, that kinda job is hit and miss. You never know when you'll be busy or not. And, if the big bosses are around, they usually don't want the employees to text, either.

    You're jumping the gun. You and her already spoke about meeting again. Great. No be patient. When you have other options, other women who take your attention, she's not the one that's always on your mind. She may not hear from you but once a day, or once every couple of days. Get that?

    Alright, again, you and her talked about getting together again. So obviously she doesn't want you to forget about her. Don't start getting needy, or she WILL want to forget about you. No, you shouldn't punish her. At least not yet. You have no idea if it's her job or something else going on. She's not "not giving compliance" at this point. All you know right now is that life is getting in the way.

    Chill. Let her contact you and see what she says.

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    How do I deal with competing males?

    Okay man great advice I'll let ya know how things pan out...I think a day out in the city on the sarge is in order aswell make me feel better aha

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    How do I deal with competing males?


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    How do I deal with competing males?

    L.A. Tripp made some good points. In fact, I like the idea of turning to the girl, at the right point, and saying loudly enough for him to hear, and to her in a conspirational way, "How rude!" is brilliant.

    I have discovered that being direct and clear and making eye contact in a non challenging way is incredibly effective. Being the Ghost means not reacting. If he throws a punch, touches you, or becomes aggressive or threatening, he loses.

    If you over ride any fear of this fellow, then you say, "Bro', the young lady and I are having a private conversation."

    How could he respond to that except to walk away?

    You could extend your hand, be friendly, reach and pat him on the shoulder (an alpha gesture) and say, "it was really nice talking with you, I am going to continue with the young lady, and you and I can talk later. See you around."

    And then you ignore him.

    If he becomes belligerent, you just bounce with the girl to another location.

    If she really prefers a jerk to you, then, there is not too much you can do.

    Comtempris made some good points. Using wit instead of violence is the way of the Ghost.

    Think of any encounter as practice or an experiment with the challenge to diffuse, and spread positive vibes.

    Remember, like Contempris said, women do not like violence. They do want a strong confident guy who handles a situation well, but best with violence.

    If you want to see some mastery in dealing with amogging, you really need to go in-field on a boot camp with Discovery.
    He wears a plaid kilt into clubs. That always draws attention, mostly from women, but often from men whommake stupid comments. If you model (in the NLP sense) how he deals with amogging, you can see, that maintains the belief that HE is then dominant man in any interaction, and he never allows himself to feel demeaned or ridiculed. He seems to interpret other men's comments as attempts at friendship or statements reflecting the other guy's immaturity or insecurity. given that, he never has to respond from a position of defensiveness. If you feel attacked ornamogged, then you respond reactively. If you feel sorry for the other guy, as if he made a foolish move in a game of chess, you can respond strategically.

    Last night, after sarging, walking back to our cars, I opened a one set consisting of a woman whomwas obviously waiting for her boyfriend to return from parking. When he approached, I just extended my hand, he shook it and inbefirended him.

    That is a variation of a Milton Erickson technique. Humans are asleep most of the time. They respond to automatic cues with automatic responses. Even if he wanted to come up to me and challengenme, by extending my hand, i interrupted that programming and started him on a new routine, that is, shaking hands which is what is done with friends.

    Never be the aggressor. Be the clever Ghost. Never be afraid. Be the confident Ghost. Never be defensive. It is all a social experiment. If you get amogged, your penis does not shrink up in to your body. It is just an opportunity to learn by trying something new.


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    How do I deal with competing males?

    Cheers for your feedback guys I'm glad the dude afc'd it slv'd himself and dhv'd me aha next time I feel I know what to do

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