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    On dating and love

    So we heard a lot about dating, but we never heard about the limitations. Funny, but all are thrilled about it. Dating, has its ups and downs. Ups when it was still your first date and down when the guy you have been dating did not meet your expectations. There are rules and guidelines about dating I heard, and that is what I want to find out. Have you heard any about it? since most of my friends end up with a wrong guy , I just don't want to experience the same thing. I try to turn down nice people for being afraid that I might end up failed on my first date.

    If you think you know best to deal with dating, you may be right-or you may be wrong. My friend once told me she will be having her first date, and what's funny is she came to me after her date fuming mad.She dated an obnoxious guy.Well I think this calls for a dating tips, so you may not end up with that kind of guy. Do you know any site that deals about dating and true love?.Disgusting as it is, I don't want to encounter such situation.

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    On dating and love

    What would you like to know? Do you want to know how, as a woman, you learn to detect the Pick Up artist and find good guy who wants a relationship? Or Are you more interested in learning how to game the fellow who thinks he is too smooth for his own good? Or, maybe you would like to learn how to detect whether a guy is worthy of your investment of time and emotion as quickly as possible? What would you like to learn?


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    On dating and love

    You're going to face disappointment in dating sooner or later, you can't find your perfect match just waiting for the right moment to find that first date that will be perfect. That seems unrealistic in the society we're currently living in. There is no bypass to disappointments, we need to learn that it may happen, but you can always reduce the chance of that happening by making a list of deal breakers you won't tolerate e.g obnoxious behaviour.

    Don't turn down nice people because you are afraid it will fail. People fail a lot before they can succeed, that's how they learn and become successful. You need to be confident enough to put yourself out there, it won't cost you anything, and even better you might learn something interesting from each other and if it turns out bad then tell him politely that you don't think his suitable for you.

    A date shouldn't be taken as seriously as you are making it seem. If anything you can become friends, it can be fun and spontaneous. And trust yourself, everyone has their own expectations when it comes to dating and we are all individuals and have different taste, if you are interested in him then go for it, if he doesn't seem suitable for you then tell him you're busy or what not, you make the call, also don't be afraid to go after what you want and balance how much you will offer the guy after the date.

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