in england being indie is the new thing, etc shaving the sides of your hair off and wearing geeky glasses and just being as unposh as possible basically, so i went in being the opposite, i wore a tight fitting stylish jumper, a large designer coat and some jeans and trainers.
1. met up with some of my female friends, one of them brought a HB 8 instantly she introduced herself to me. didnt take this as an IOI as i've not ran any game, unless you count my entrance and style?
2. we all went to a picnic kinda thing, she threw a sweet at me when i stopped giving her attention so i said the old "you can dress her up but you can't take her out eh." this got some laughs.
3. she kept feeling my arm and legs and i said "hands off the merchandise" & "i already told you, this look dont come for free" and "i didnt just wake up looking perfect you know" and "back up, your ruining my swagg"
4. did my "hand comparison kino gambit" which is basically cas i have tiny hands, compare hands by putting my hand up like it was against a mirror so she puts hers there, make comment on her hands, either teasing if there bigger or smaller than mine. i find that after this, every time you put your hand in the position you first did to compare she automatically puts her hand there.
5. after the hand thing you can turn it into your holding hands then put your hands down. she made some comment on how amazing she looks, so i said "dont compliment yourself love" (should have come up with something better i know, but i couldnt think)
6. took phone and entered my number in and showed it to her, no words were used in this.
7. i had to go, gave big hug. "and that's all your getting for now."

been texting a couple of times and meeting up with her tomorrow. she's blowing off her cousins to come see me so IOI?

i want to use the line when she mentions beauty " beauty is common, someones personality is what gets me going" because i think that is the deepest and most thought provoking line that i've heard so far.

my main problem is DLV over texting so im planning just to phone call instead from now on.
she has a reputation as a cocktease so any advise?
i want to place cat string theory here because usually i give myself to the girl to quickly so i want to make her fight a little, any ideas and things icould do tomorrow to make me seem DHV?