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    Nature's Lessons/ The world's most fearless animal; The honey badger.

    God has provided man with all things, from medicine, to tools, to food, and to weapons. It all comes from the Earth and from God. I don't write this to spark any religious debate however; therefore, let us simply call this nature. Scientists and engineers have always turned to nature for inspiration this is called Bio-inspired engineering. “Bio-inspired Engineering is a unique science-based discipline of engineering and biology that encompasses a wide range of engineering theory and practice connected to and derived from biology”(News release, University of South Hampton). I bring this up because “the solutions arrived at by natural selection are often a good starting point in the search for answers to scientific and technical problems” (Correll university, Department of Material and Science Engineering).

    Natural selection is a very valid process in the study of pickup as well. In fact pickup teaches how to act as a natural “High value”/Alpha male would. Does it not make sense then to learn from nature as well? Of course it does. Therefore I suggest you watch this documentary with an analytical mind. It’s only about an hour and it’s about the honey badger. The honey badger is well known as the boldest, toughest, most alpha, and most fearless pound for pound animal on earth... Honey Badger doesn’t give a shit.

    "Snake Killers: Honey Badgers of the Kalahari" a Nat'l Geographic show following Keith and Colleen Begg's research is on youtube!

    Part 1: http://<iframe class="restrain" titl...="0"></iframe>
    Part 2: http://<iframe class="restrain" titl...="0"></iframe>
    Part 3: http://<iframe class="restrain" titl...="0"></iframe>
    Part 4: http://<iframe class="restrain" titl...="0"></iframe>

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    Nature's Lessons/ The world's most fearless animal; The honey badger.

    Ahahahah I love the little guy =)
    Thanks brother!

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