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    Book store F close

    Hey Mystery,

    Im a the Eaton center day gaming on Saturday. I seen a lovely 2 set at the book store Indigo that I opened. I number closed these 2 girls and set an instant date for my wing and I.

    Later that day

    The girls showed up late and just as we were about to leave the girls showed up. We took them to another club where we were dacing and having a good time.
    The blonde left my wingman, I guess they just didnt click. But I still had my target, I ran the c shaped vs u shaped smiles on her and she told me today that that was when she started to like me. I mystery kiss closed her, works every time.
    The night went on and at the end of the night some stupid moron that was the friend of the guy the blonde hooked up with comes up to my target and puts his arm around her and starts talking to her. I picked his arm off and said" hands off whats mine." He then started telling my target and I that he was in Pre med in Windsor. I called his bluff and said my brother is in pre med at Windsor and there is no way you graduated at the age of 25. "Youre a liar" I called him. His face went beat red and he shut up, mind you I was either fucking or fighting that night so I didnt give a shit. Then I seen my wing. I introduced my wing to the obstacle and moved my target. My target gave me the fuck eyes and, tongue down the throat again.

    Outside we were making out heavily and we split a cab with the blondes guy and the obstacle, I locked in my target with my lock in prop(Mystery would be proud of it) and when we got to the guys stop I through my target away by sayin" Im going home you can go out with these liars if you want." Mind you in the cab I was ripping everything this obstacle was saying apart. He was such a liar. I really enjoyed AMOGing this clown.
    So my target says,"Im not leaving you and she is staying with us." LOL. Bye bye asshole. Dont fuck with a PUA.
    We get to my stop and im like,"Ok this is where I get off." Target whispers in my ear " Come home with me." we went back to her place and F closed.


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    Book store F close

    Your FR's are entertaining. =]

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