Alright so the scenario is quite simple - I arranged a get-together with some of my mates and some girls, one of which is my target. Had to be 6-8 people, some started saying they couldn't come.

Suddenly I find myself with a friend, a female friend and my target as the ones left. My mind says - hey what if I turn this into a date? So I call the other two and tell them I'd prefer to date my target alone - they were more or less fine with it. I also figured I'd tell target they all had problems.

But then she comes and also her STUPID FRIEND who said she wouldn't come shows up. So now I'm in a two set with no wing. Called my buddy who came over with two other guys and we spent a crazy evening - stupid friend left early - and we drank beer ate at McD and rode the carousel. However chances of closing were slim.

So what's your take on this? Would you have turned the get-together into a date? Would you have worked the two-set and not call anyone even if target desperately wanted a fourth person?

I'm really eager to hear your opinion .