So I'm all confused at the moment about a particular situation with this girl that I'm friends with. She has a twin sister and I haven't been able to get her alone.

My question is basically do I need to separate twins before escalating to a kiss or is there some weird thing between twins that they want a guy who will escalate with the sister still present?

We are always together but I don't feel comfy making a move on her with her sis around. Now her sis is cool and everything but it's awkward to try to escalate with this girl.

Thing is I've known them about 2 years (both had boyfriends when we first met, now only the sister does). I had invited them to dinner at my place tonight, along with some neighbors. Everything was really cool and the girl I'm interested in came in the kitchen and helped me make a dish, while her sis and the other two were on the other side of the breakfast bar making another dish.

So we bantered and I lightly punched her on the arm, put my arm around her occasionally and once even smacked her ass kinda hard when she said something I didn't like. Her response was "I'll cut you" in a joking manner (she was chopping something at that moment), to which I said "Sure you will"... anyway it went on for the whole time we were making dinner and was a lot of fun.

Now some background on this. I have been trying to get her to go out with me for a while, and even gave her a song I wrote and recorded with a producer about how I felt about her. She loved it and thought it was the most awesome gesture ever (this was 3 mos ago) but.... said she didn't have romantic feelings to give me in return. Friend zone central, to which I told her I couldn't really see her much any more because I only had so much time. Froze her out for about two months, with infrequent text messages.

But then her sis was like we should get together and make dinner and this and that again so I said, ok let me see about that. Which is how tonight came about.

At the end of the evening my neighbors go home and I walk the twins to their car. I couldn't think of a way to split them up (they live in the same building a few miles away) by somehow offering the girl that I would drive her home later.

Then we all 3 hugged simultaneously at their car and her sis says to me "so is this something you can check off your list now?" to which I said "no, you're not Japanese". They didn't get it because apparently they haven't seen Austin Powers. Ugh.

Anyway, thinking back was that a chance to say "No, but this is..." and then lean over and kiss the girl?

The other thing I've thought of, which I normally wouldn't want to do but may need to in this case since the girls work at separate places about 10 miles apart (and hard to get to during the day) is ask the girl I want to meet for lunch so I can be alone with her and escalate.

I mean isn't there something there if she knows I want her, knows I don't want to see her as just a friend and she still comes over? What do you think is missing here?