September 4'th/5'th

The Mansion

In the smoke pit I was opening sets left right and center, dealt with someone who tried to AMOG me. While talking to a group of guys, one of them introduced me to his friend. I saw that he would be the type to try and break down my rapport and was prepared for it.

I shook his hand, and knew he would try to crush it. I used a technique Lovedrop talked about, and that was pointing your pointer finger when the handshake occurs. This will adjust the structure of your hand to be able to receive a crushing handshake without feeling anything.

Me: Is that all you got?
AMOG: Mumbled something
Me: It's all good, you don't have to try hard in front of your friends

After that, I opened this two set from a stagette, took a few pics with them, and transitioned from my Geek personality to my pickup personality

I realized that I had reached the social hook point, and had already DHV'd by doing the following prior to opening the set.

1. I was being the observed, not the observer (DHV)
2. Pre-selection, I was talking to other females, performing some routines on them, and having fun (DHV)
3. Leader of men, a group of guys were around me while I was talking about how being a unique person is what matters. All the guys were saying "you're an awesome dude!" (DHV)
4. Humor...I was dressed as a geek, no need to say more (DHV)
5. Willingness To Emote, I was laughing, having fun with it all around (DHV)

When the two were going inside, one of them said "he's coming with us!" and pulled me inside the club, not letting go of my hand. Many IOI's received during the conversing.

My target and I hit the dance floor where I was stuck with her and the stagette party. I had to isolate her away from her friends so I can start building more of a physical attraction,, and possible sexual tension

On the dance floor, I used as much kino as possible

1. When she was grinding on me, I would bunch her hair up, and pull it (kind of like when you're having sex), and bite her neck (kind of like a vampire).

2. Rubbing my hands up and down her body, while her back was facing me, caressing her breasts

3. When she was facing me, there is a technique I learned where you gently rub your fingers up and down a woman's back to get her going even more

4. Locked in making out
**One of my wings saw this and mentioned this**

One of the awesomest things I saw last night Neo was when you were with this one chick at the bar at mansion. I told my buddy McLovin to watch cause I knew something awesome was about to happen. Sure enough, you go in for the makeout -- and she resists, kinda pulls back a bit. Does that phase you? Fuck no! You pull off one of the most expressive faces ever that was in a word "perfect", it just combined nonchalance with desire (paradoxically) and fun. Somehow that one facial expression does the trick and without a word you've convinced her: you go in again and she leans in to meet you.

Was the first time that I've seen makeout-rejection handled so well, McLovin (and I) were seriously impressed. Mad props bro.

5. Kissing her erogenous zones (crook of the arm, neck, ear lobe)

6. She was grabbing/rubbing my goods

7. I got my hand up her skirt....

Lots of pull push was used here (give her a taste, and pull back), building things up further getting to the point where this happened.

Her: You do this a lot don't you?
Me: I don't know what you're talking about
Her: No guy has ever got me this hot before
Me: I just know my way around a woman's body
Her: How?
Me: I dated a girl who was very erotic and learned from her. Besides, if a guy does not know his way around a woman's body, and can't make her feel pleasure inside and out, he is by definition 'sterile'
Her: Laughing (then high five)

Other points, she was undoing my shirt, my belt, and at some points it seems like we were getting pretty sexual on the dance floor (saw MANY looks), guys would try to high five me, but I ignored it (that would have DLV'd me if I did return the high five).

There were two juice monkey's that tried to AMOG me on the dance floor.

First AMOG

The juice monkey came up to me

AMOG: I want to dance with your girl
Me: Dude, if you can get her to dance with you, go for it
**Note: With the sexual tension, rapport and being a hot target myself, I knew the AMOG had no chance as he had brought no value to the table. If anything, he DLV'd himself by doing this. This also demonstrated to the girl that I have a willingness to walk away and easily find someone else**

He asked her and she started making out with me. He ejected.

A few minutes later he snapped my suspenders

Me: Man, you don't have to try and act cool in front of your friends, you're an alright guy without having to try so hard
Amog: Mumbling
Me: Man, you don't need to qualify yourself to me

Second AMOG

Another juice monkey here in a red shirt was dancing alone on the dance floor, and he snapped my suspenders. I turned around, and looked, he pointed to another guy.

Me: Man, there's a reason why I.m dancing with a hot girl right now and you're the one who is alone now, and who will be going home alone
AMOG: I can get any girl I want
Me: It's all good bro, you're cool, I believe you

I was trying to pull a couple of time throughout the night, but it's not easy with the rest of the stagette party there, and they were staying in a hotel (logistics check). I didn't have a ride at this point and basically left when the lights came on.

We sat and built comfort for a bit, talked, then were asked to leave. We walked to her hotel, built some more comfort on the way. As soon as we got in the elevator we started making out, and taking each others clothes off.

The elevator got to the floor, and she was holding her top up with one hand while I was holding my pants up lol. As soon as we got in the room....well, you guys know what happened.

No LMR, it was on.