We all can unanimously agree that looks alone can NOT get you the girl, however the combination of looks, status, wealth and most importantly some solid GAME can help land you almost any girl you desire.

Im writing this becasue I have noticed how society has glorified the six pack abs and model look, so much that dudes without game are landing some really hot chicks.

I am a witness to the fact that Mystery Method works. Ive used it many times to get laid in FIELD with some really hot girls, looks do not matter when you can get a girls buying temperature up in FIELD< isolate and escalate. Heck, I used to play college football and at one point weighed 320 pounds at 6'3'' and still pulled, with half as good as game as I have now

The ONE most important factor that I have realized through this whole game called life is that being a big dudeeeeeeeeee is detrimental to an LTR. Why may you ask? For the same reason an HB 10 will not date a midget or a broke ass dude that rides the bus. Becasue her friends and social circle DO NOT AGree with it.

I have friends with no concept of game, totally socially inept, and they have a nice six pack and awesome physiique and they have loving hot girlfriends who endure all of their retardation and totallly inept behaviours towards women. I can tell you a story of how a friend of mine who is very good looking had ME texting his target running mystery method and rapport building techniques for about a 2 week period. She was calling him amazing and the coolest guy ever, he meets up with her after an hour drive and she jumps his bones. NOTE: This is a girl that had previously told me I was not her type and I was just like a big brother or friend! hahahahaa what a fun social experiment that was.

In the end its all in our head, if you dont believe you are worthy to get a girl, you WONT get her....its all a matter of inner game. Ive been mind fucking myself for years nowm And many times, escaping the demons that haunt our inner thoughts every minute of the day is virtually impossible. After all , who wants to be some dude that can easily pull a bar slut for a one night fuck, but can NOT ever get an LTR with a girl they really like. Ive missed out on some amazing women who really liked me, only becasue I DID NOT BELIEVE AND ACCEPT THAT SUCH A HOT GIRL WOULD WANT TO BE WITH A GUY LIKE ME.... Perhaps hypnosis is the key!!!!!!!

PS. Matadors blog post on Bodybuilding validates this post, ive seen it a million times, so get in the gym and work your ass off, it pays off.