Sorry to ask so many microcalibration questions I just want to make sure I fully understand it completely! Im gonna give one scenario and just want your thought on it. (letting me know if i made the right decision)

(scenario not true, completely made up)

Scenario one..

Ok lets pretend I open the set, I body rock and I ask them a opinion on something. The set tells me their answer and they seem to be interested so I face my body to them and maybe cross my arms to calibrate the IOI that I just sent out.
Then I transition the girls with a piece then suddenly out of no where lets pretend the girls get suspitious and cross their arms and look at each other....this means instead of DHV'ing (displaying a IOI) I should neg the group to display disinterest. Then the girls start laughing and I face them again to reward them for the IOI. Now this allows me to DHV? Maybe with a false time-constraint to IOD calibrate the IOI? Then after the DHV , Lock-in and roll-off and see if they re-initate? They re-initate and suddenly I go to KINO-ESCULATE one of the girls and the girl says


I then should IOD back since the girl gave me a IOD..Maybe I'll give her a harsh-backturn and talk to the friend for abit? then maybe DHV to the friend..

what are your thoughts?