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    I need help with this diagram

    Here's what I don't understand:

    And here's the diagram that precedes it:

    I don't totally understand the purpose of this unpredictability loop; at what point should this type of loop become used? is the loop saying that her IOIs and IODs should each be (during this stage) randomly reacted to by either IOI/DHV compliance tests or IOD/DLV compliance tests?

    Also, why would one want to use a DLV?


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    I need help with this diagram

    WTF is that an invasion plan

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    I need help with this diagram

    hahaha, it's form the Interest section of Revelation; it's about bait-hook-real-release and microcalibration.

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    I need help with this diagram

    Yeah, the diagram sucks...but you kind of got it. Not sure why anyone would use a DLV maybe it's her DLVing herself or interpreting something you do as a DLV.

    Basically the unpredictability loop should always be used - it's basically the key to emotional stimulation. The more she works to get rewards from you and the more unpredictable the rewards are the more she will continue to work. It's the same principle as a Gambler become addicted to the slot machines. The rewards are totally random but as humans we have a basic psychological principle that the more we invest the more we need to 'get something' out of that investment, hence "Just one more...I'm sure I'm going to win big next time!" even though it's completely illogical because every pull of the lever leaves you with exactly the same amount of chance of winning as the last. It's completely randomized.
    If you reward all good behaviour and punish all bad then she'll know all she has to do is something you think is good to get her way. She'll become bored. It'll be too easy to play you. To get her addicted you have to be slightly more randomized in your rewards.

    That's basically how I understand that mess above anyway!

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    I need help with this diagram

    The diagram looks a hell of a lot more confusing then it would play out in real time. Unpredictability being the basis of your character is putting out attraction. This is basically a push pull model. If she is showing interest off the bat, by virtue of being unpredictable you both reward her, and show disinterest. Your disinterest should look something like a shit test, very playful. She will validate herself, then you show interest.

    This happens to me a lot.

    Girl - Wow... your really tall.

    Me - Its true.. From up here you look safe but I dduunnooo nothing's ever what it seems..

    Her - Some sort of validation.. (People say I'm this or that)(Oh trust me I'm not/am safe)(I have always been/try to be this or that)(I'm trying to be this or that)

    Me - Oh in that case.. check this out. (Some display of value, riddled with charming quarks, situationally dependent) The basis of spontaneity how you say and do what you do, not so much the actual words you speak. Most of my attraction is body language. I know this because I talk about bullshit interestingly.


    Me - So let me understand.. by first looking at you I'd say (some sort of cold read or assumption) but your telling me your (how she proclaims to be, with the addition of another cold read, and in a question format)

    It's having her say what she said already but more in depth, and with a deeper emotional attachment to it. Assumptions are good only if you know there is a good chance you'll be wrong, and you use that chance to become genuinely curious about her, and allow your wonder to guide your enthusiasm.

    Me - Ya know that's charming in a way.. What are the last three letters of your name..

    OR you could take something in her explanation and branch off into more push pull on the topic of herself. Take the part of her that she sees her self as her strength and show her that it is something to be proven. If it's her smile, have her show you. If it's her kindness, have her give you an example, if its her tattoo's have her show you. If its her family have her show you some pics. Then, relate.

    By this point your going to be able to insta date, or walk around, or whatever merge in any way.

    You can feel the momentum of this relationship happening pretty clearly, thinking about the model may be the only way to derail you from adhering to it.

    Actually I'm not even sure if this is what that model is trying to show, but I hope it helps you see some things anyway.

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