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    fear of attachment

    HAve you evern been throught it? My previous sexual experience, have been monogamous and I have been quite "attached", or "in love" with my partners.
    Now, sometimes I run into nice girls, and I practice my (in construction) game on them. Some react quite well. However, there must be some kind of fear of attachment in me, as I feel like I wouldnt like to get too attached to her. It is like I wouldnt like to get attached to an uninteresting girl, or a

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    fear of attachment

    Hi Soulnotes,

    I have recently broken up with my ex and have been trying to get back on the game. How ever over the last 6 weeks, I have been working the game well. I met a 10, super hot and cool but I was so petrified of commiting to a relationship I called it off. Maybe I should have gave it a go, but I had a fear of commitment. As I didn't want to get in a serious relationship again for some time.

    I guess you just gotta take your time mate and when you meet a girl you would like to spend lots of time with don't fight it, just see where it leads.

    Hope it helps


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    fear of attachment

    Hey Soulnotes,

    When your in a very long relationship you can get too comfortable and when you become single for the first time you always feel out of your comfort zone, it happens to everyone. I have found it takes time to get accustom to being single again as its a completely different dynamic to what your used too.

    See lots of girls and have fun!

    = Axwell

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    fear of attachment


    You'll never get over this 'fear of attachment' unless you go out and practice dating girls and letting it go nowhere. Perhaps a good way to do this would be to date some girls who you know are not someone you'd like a relationship with.

    As for the sex side of things, I feel I could help. I have made myself a 'rule'. I make sure to tell any girl who I let get close enough to 'touch the merchandise' my rule - and that it won't be broken. My rule is easy: 'I do not sleep with girls unless I'm in a relationship'.

    Now, obviously this rule has been broken. But its effects are out of this world, for a couple of reasons...

    1) It puts you in control, and allows you to hold out and be monogamous if that is what you desire.

    2) It immediately offers up a challenge to any woman who hears it. She wants to be the ONE who made you break your golden rule, she doesn't need to know that it's perhaps not true.

    I hope this has been of some help, and I second what my boys have said above me...


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