I was working with some guys last weekend here in Houston and came up with this little theory for them to explain how to do Multiple Threading. Hopefully it'll help some of you guys in your changing between threads and keeping your conversations interesting.

***Multiple threading made easy!***

Hey guys. Been a while, but I'm back with some new stuff I've been working on.

One thing I've noticed when going out with other guys into pickup, I see quite a few of them not having good multiple threading going on when they're in the set.

I thought about this for a while, and realized that this isn't about being a 'good' pickup artist or not, it's simply about knowing how to change topics quickly when their thread dies.

So, lets get this fixed up right now shall we?

We're going to train ourselves to be conversation experts. Here, I have the solution for you. I call it Color Recollection.

The concept is simple! Everyone has stacks and plotlines they can follow, but sometimes it takes a second for them to think about it. It's happened to everyone.

So. Here we go.

Color recollection is something that focus' on a persons ability to see colors and associate things with them. For example. When you see red, you stop, green you go, yellow means caution, and so on and so fourth. Right?

So, using this same principle, we're going to give ourselves a psychological advantage to other people by training ourselves to change topic merely by seeing a different color!

First thing is to take a few colors. I suggest red, blue, and yellow because they're primary, and the outfits people wear nowadays always have these colors in them.

You have your colors. Now, pick a few stories that you're good at telling, and assign them a color. My stories I use for this trick are scuba diving (blue), rock climbing (red). and traveling (yellow).

Simple topics work best, so make sure what you pick is something you're familiar with you can hit your selection switches with your stories.

Your next question is, 'well Checkers, that's great and all... but how does it help me?'

Here's your answer.

You will need to train your brain a little bit for this. It takes some work, but the concept is simple. Even when you're alone think when you see one of those colors. Tell yourself the story or think about it. Do this for a day or two and you'll notice you always can pull up those thoughts with ease. Once you're in field and a thread is running dry, you can now have a few other threads to jump back and fourth from.

Training yourself to be a good conversationalist takes more than than this little exercise, but it will give you guys a good starting point.

Hope this helps!