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Thread: Shaking legs

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    Shaking legs


    I have heard of phisycal reactions like shaking hands when approaching to women, etc. It doesn't happen to me, as I am a musician, and have good control of upper extremities. However, in my case, I suffer legs shaking. Not enough to be seen from the outside, I think, but still, this is a strange reaction. Yesterday I attempted my first day game approach and as I oppened I felt how my legs began to shake. I can keep smiling and looking "cool", but shaking doesnt want to go. I need help.
    Thank you.

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    Shaking legs

    Hi dude, dont mean to be blunt but depending on how often, you might want to reduce on the masturB. Do you go to the gym?! If you don't, try giving your legs some controlled exercise. Does it happen with night game??

    Also you are in control of your legs not your AA!!

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    Shaking legs

    I don masturbate that often. Maybe 1-3 times a week. I donÁt go to the gym, but I have a swimming pool near my house and I bought I plan there that I wasnt using. Maybe it is a good idea to go there more often and pracitce, specially kicking.

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    Shaking legs

    It's adrenaline. You are having an automatic "fight or flight" response. Breathe deeply and slowly, stand up straight, and plow through it a few times - this will eventually fade over time.

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    Shaking legs

    What AW said. But also are you running before you can walk? (not literally).

    Could be that you're throwing yourself in the deep end when you're not comfortable with it. Take small steps, one at a time if you suffer approach anxiety.

    Fish through the forum because its a common discussion and there's some good techniques to overcome it.

    Focusing and anticipating the outcome of an approach will impair it and cause anxiety.

    When you feel comfortable enough, practice Mystery's 3-second rule. Overthinking and delaying an approach will leave room for you to construct critiques against yourself.

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    Shaking legs

    If you're trying to hold your legs still ie. tensing the muscles, it will only make the effect more pronounced, I have no idea whether or not you are doing that, but if you are, don't.

    Try to relax them instead, people can have trouble voluntarily relaxing muscles so first tense them up real hard and then let them relax, and sway your hips just a little. should help.

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    Shaking legs

    AW is right. Have a wing watch an approach some time to see if the shake is noticable.

    If a girl asks about it, tell her you are wearing vibrating underwear.

    What is going on is that you haven't opened a lot of sets, so you are nervous. The prescription, if it isn't a medical condition(happening all the time), is to open more sets. As you get success, you will be more confident. As you are more confident, you will relax more until the shaking eventually stops.

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