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    Awesome to... Alright. Sorta my Downfall

    hey guys. This.. is probably gonna be a long post so i'll try to cut
    it short but bare with me. I'm gonna try to go thru most of the
    story leaving out mundane details. Onward

    So early November, I have a total of ONE gamable girl in all my
    classes at school. This was an AP college class. I finally decided
    to talk to this girl after noticing her hair one day. I shot out my
    best personality in like three minutes at her (her name is Dani)
    and she gave me her number. three minutes. So i waited a day to
    text her. I finally texted her and she was EXCITED to hear from
    me, saying she didnt think i was gonna ever text her.

    So far like maybe a week and a half or so... we have been texting
    quite a bit, she was definitely texting me more than i was her
    and i had her chasing. I tried to set up some day2s but they didnt
    happen really, probably just cuz lack of comort.

    so after this little text rant, i finally brought her out to lunch one
    day, no big deal. we talked, sorta connected, and we went and
    hung out at other places around town too. build a lot of comfort.
    our (second hour) college class had ended so we had nothing to
    do for the hour and a half that is second hour, so we would hang
    out. I brought her to the gym one day, things were still going
    great. That night she texted me saying "yer prolly one of the
    coolest kids i've ever met. just thought i'd throw that out there "
    I asked why. She said to paraphrase because im funny, way nice,
    not afraid to be yerself, listen to good music (we have like the
    same taste in music), you know what you want out of life, and yer
    good looking, thats why silly haha.

    So that was like Wednesday, Thursday night she texted me
    asking if i'd ever hypothetically date her, i sorta avoided the
    question and said i'd have to hang out with you more to find out.
    Friday we hung out, went to an outdoor mall, kissed her for the
    first time. went to an italian place, went to a basketball game,
    and ended up in my basement TV room (next to my bedroom).
    we made out on the couch on and off for like two hours, parents
    were home. I eventually carried her to my bed, shirts came off.
    we continued having fun. I ended things saying i didnt wanna get
    in trouble. She agreed. Went home, texted me. Next day, she
    came over for like two hours at night, we made out a bit, she left,
    texted me, same deal.

    Next weekend... we hung out at my old school's basketball game
    on friday night with my friends. Her and her cousin couldnt chill
    at my friends house but she invited me over to hers. I told her i
    didnt wanna ditch my friends, she understood, we texted most
    the night. Saturday we went to her work's christmas party. boring
    as hell. went to my sisters house afterwards for a bit, ended up
    playing video games at my friend Mike's house. THIS IS WHERE

    For WHATEVER reason, while we were playing Call of Duty, i just
    acted annoyed with her. idk why. she sat next to me and shot me
    a text saying "haha dont look so angry " i replied "ha ok." I
    didnt say much of anything, i had to take her home at midnight,
    sort of an awkward drive cuz i was still being a bitch for some
    reason. i dropped her off and she asked if i was alright. I told her
    im fine. She texted me after saying "why are you acting angry
    with me? did i do something wrong?" i just reassured her saying
    nah im just in a bad mood and im having some strange thoughts.
    she asked why and i said i didnt wanna talk about it.

    I thought things were fine. Ever since then, she has been chasing
    less. So not a big deal really. But on Tuesday, i told her i have
    something to tell her. this was during school. We were out in the
    parking lot and i said "ive been thinking about this a couple days,
    and its obvious we both like each other, and i wanna ditch my
    other seven wives (inside joke) for you so we can be 'together'".
    She kept telling me that she likes me a lott but she just doesnt
    know about a relationship. I was cool about it, i said ill take that
    as a no, and started walking. She grabbed me and started hugg-
    ing me saying she felt so bad. I told her not to worry and dont
    feel pressure its really not a big deal. So i left to the gym, she
    went home. On the way she texted me saying things like. "Chris
    i really do like you and i want to be your gf one day, i just dont
    know if im ready for a relationship, this wasnt do or die was it?
    i really want things to stay the same, please chris." I just
    reassured her saying yes things are the same we'll just have fun.

    I found out a day later from my neighbor (her ex) that she told
    him she cried all the way home and that she was a bitch for the
    decision she made. she still hadnt been chasing me much any
    more and i was feeling like she had made the decision in her mind
    that she wouldnt see me anymore, so i felt like shit. but suddenly
    friday she shot me a text saying (keep in mind she has taken a
    stripping class before) "heyy when are we gonna go dancing? ha
    i wanna show you my special move ". So i guess it wasnt over.
    We talked a bit, breifly texted saturday.

    Sunday night (last night) i called her for about twenty minutes.
    we talked, laughed a little bit, reconnected a bit. At the end of the
    call i tried something. Its sort of a routine i guess i came up with
    to see what would happen... it went something like this...

    ya know whats nice to think about? we feel comfortable with each other. and sure we have these feelings for each other. but think about it. we can talk freely and laugh about anything. and i think about all the memories of us just laughing hysterically with each other and i think of all the fun we're having now, and its nice to realize there is no pressure. like its nice to think that if nothing else happens we can still simply be friends.... (more coming)

    sure well miss those times where our lips gently graze each others, and staring deep into each others eyes, and the feeling as i gently caress the surface of your skin with my finger tips, but its just nice to think that if nothing else comes of this, we can be friends.

    Im not sure if it had an effect, she sounded slightly caught off
    guard and said shes glad i have an optimistic attitude in life,
    unlike her mom (yeah, idk either what she was talking about lol).
    I let her go after that, saying i had to go to a friends house, this
    was like at 10 pm. Its now monday morning. no text from her, oh

    Now the question... thank you for baring with me lol. how the fuck
    do i get her to fall hard for me again like she was? maybe she
    still is and shes just playin hard to get? idk. It just kills me that
    a little over a week ago, i was the coolest kid she had ever met,
    and i could literally make her laugh on command, she would text
    me just to get some laughs and feel better. now its like... yeah
    she likes me... but idk how much anymore and idk where things
    are headed. help a bro out. i know i know, this is oneitis and im
    working on getting over that but w/e. AND PLEASE DONT TELL
    ME TO GIVE UP AND MOVE ON. I am working on that, but I still
    want this girl... she's the only girl i would consider with an LTR in
    my whole high school. All the others are shallow and unfulfilling.

    thank you in advance guys.

    p.s. Im a bit emotionally unstable right now in case you needed
    to know. Sometimes i'll just feel good like no matter what
    happens everything will be fine, other times i'll like wake up in the
    middle of the night ready to cry thinking about the memories we
    have had together. as i write this, im somewhat neutral, but more
    so on the shitty side. Havent felt this way about a girl for a long
    time man.

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    Awesome to... Alright. Sorta my Downfall

    I dunno man, I'll try to help.

    Sometimes a girl will expect you to have sex and if you don't she will withdraw form you because she felt rejected. No matter what is said between you they will still act this way because you turned her down at the crucial moment.

    Why didn't you close her? I don't understand, you said you "didn't want to get in trouble." Was it the parents?

    I think if you close her she will go back to chasing you. Otherwise she will eventually look elsewhere for a guy to be with.

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    Awesome to... Alright. Sorta my Downfall

    hey (thank you so much for the help btw.)

    Yes, the reason i didn't close was because my parents were just upstairs
    and they would periodically check on us. They are not ok with sex lol but im
    eighteen on the 23rd so maybe i can talk to them about it. (btw im a virgin).

    I failed to mention one detail. The same friday i took her to my old school's
    basketball game, i had her at my house alone earlier in the day during eighth
    hour in school. We started out watching a movie, i again carried her to my
    bed saying "lets go make out like a couple kids." her shirt came off, so did
    mine. We had about twenty minutes til we both had to be back at the school
    to pick up her cousin and my brother. I told her to take her pants off, she
    resisted. (i had good reason to believe she was not wearing panties, lol.)
    I guess the only reason she may have resisted was we only had twenty min.


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    Awesome to... Alright. Sorta my Downfall

    firstly, kudos on your text game by the sounds of things!

    ryt where you said" I ended things saying i didnt wanna get
    in trouble. She agreed." -you should have continued for longer and had as you put it "fun like kids being naughty" she was enjoying herself no doubt. if the parents are a hurdle, remember they KNOW you are with a girl, they will leave you alone. (see final note)

    call of duty incident -you really don't want to scare her away at all, because you are trying to build up comfort.

    the sunday call -(good recovery from the cod incident)ryt up until "no pressure, like its nice to think that...etc etc" if you used the words "pressure" and "friends", personally its the last thing a guy wants to hear and the last thing a girl wants to hear, its a "lets just be friends speech" which aint great.

    I think u can still recover tho so here goes, get back to the way you were when you were building up comfort with her, put all the mistakes behind you and treat it like youre starting up again. invite her to join you with some friends, must be with 2 other girls (they dont need to be too attractive), you obviously need to know them and if these other girls laugh at your material great!!!!speak to her in person and slip in near the end of your material "me and sum friends are goin to have coffee/go out shopping etc, i want you to join us, ill introduce you to them, youll love them!!"

    (when introducing your freinds to her say summin like "this is (her name), youll love her(big smile and act "proud" of introducing someone special)") dont use the "here is my freind ".

    at location, do your thing, make em all laugh she'll naturally start to attract to you again, try and sit near her and kino escale, put your arm round her seat, hug her, put ur palm across hers, but remember make this all seem natural and be situational youve done this before no doubt.

    your 2 freinds should split, leaving you and ur future gf, keep up your funny material and walk her home, maintain the attraction levels.

    these things could happeen: shell invite you in (you might want to cue her verbally by sayin whats your house look like)

    note:the stuff above can be done repeatedly in many different ways if it doesnt go to plan, but remember to be situational and normal!!!!!!!

    if it comes to close;

    a girls room is better since they feel more comfort in their natural surroundings. take your time in making her feel comfortable with having you in her room. if things escalate, temporarily stop, close the curtain, blinds etc, dim lights blah blah, continue the escalation, stop again say summin like "crap should i close the door". after all this you will have given her the opportunity to say no, if she doesnt then you know its on!!!!


    p.s. let us know how it goes, im working on something similar hence the frakkin detailed reply!!!

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    Awesome to... Alright. Sorta my Downfall

    Ok, I personally don't think that you did anything wrong except for playing call of duty and giving her that friends bit. If you are gaming a girl you don't play video games when she is there. If you can't resist to play, you can only play if she also is playing. Or you get her to play, I know I always played Madden rushing attach while pre drinking and my gf at the time felt really ignored, until I made her play and now that she was involved in the rotation (winner keeps going, which always tended to be me) she felt a lot better and was still having fun...

    As far as the parents, I feel a lot of people are brainwashed by their mothers (and if you dad would be mad at you for having sex he was by his mother) to not have sex before marriage or what not and then of course you will when you find a great gf, but then people tend to have the same gf for a long long time, and sometimes simply marry them. This is pathetic IMO, something like 80% of the kids that get married under 25 get divorced...

    And you can still have oral sex which takes away the pregnancy issue (make sure you get yours if you give her hers). And worry about the parents later. What can they really do, and I'm assuming you'll be going to college soon you will want the experience.

    To get her back start gaming her and act as if you never asked to be bf gf and never said that friends speech and game her and make out with her and more... This can work to your advantage because you are confusing her emotions, the more emotional you make her the more she feels and the easier it is to then turn her on when you need to. Don't bother trying to explain how you were feeling before or why you were mad or anything there is no point, if she prys just say you didn't eat or were on no sleep or something. she probley won't ask.

    Remeber girls try to think they are LOGICAL in relationships, but they are EMOTIONAL. I find it more helpful to have women friends to hear about their relationships and why they like/don't like a guy and what he is doing to cause that reaction. I have learned more from that than trying to get advice from them where they will try to think logical, but in the actual situation she won't follow their own advice. It's quite interesting...

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    Awesome to... Alright. Sorta my Downfall

    ok... things went from "alright" to completely fucked up to alright again.

    hahahaha i thought i would experiment so here's what i did. (btw thanks
    everyone for the help)

    I definitely felt myself losing power, so i thought i'd try a technique originally
    thought up by Zan. I went to her house, kissed her, told her how i felt about
    her (cant get you off my mind blah blah blah) but then said i cant see you
    anymore and i got in my car and left.

    She stood their sorta shocked and im pretty sure she cried. She shot me a
    text. it was long but to sum up it was like "chris. i thought you should know
    this. my last ex when he broke up with me said he had an STD and he hoped
    he gave it to me. This is why i wont date guys right now cuz i dont trust
    them. I have a doctors appt soon and this is the last blood test for me for
    AIDS/HIV, I'm really sorry i just dont think this should fuck up our friendship,"

    I didn't say anything, i was sorta busy driving in icy roads. She sent me
    another text hours later saying "ok i can take a hint. sorry. bye."
    I told her not to say that and that im at the dentist right now so we'll talk
    when im done.

    I texted her and we sorta cleared things up. We both agreed a relationship
    wouldnt be good for either of us. She asked why i did what i did. I just said
    that i felt like we were having less and less fun with each other and things
    just seemed different. She reassured me with "sweetie, we havent even had
    the chance to have fun with each other lately." So we talked a bit, and she
    said she wants to go back to the way things were but if i just want to be
    friends thats ok too. I told her we'll just see how things go next time we hang
    out and she agreed we should hang out soon.

    So wow hahahaha. This has been a ROLLERCOASTER for us both. lol. I think
    things are back to how they were a week ago. she's still not really actively
    pursuing me but i just figure i'll casually game her. Obviously pulling the
    trigger wasn't the problem considering she wouldnt have let me (STD dilemma)

    Any other suggestions? I guess i'll just casually game her but I feel like i need
    to keep her working to keep me around and im not sure how to do that. I
    want her to pursue me again, but at the same time she has no motivation to
    (because we dont want a relationship) and I need to give her some motivation
    some how. Jealousy maybe? hmm. Truth is, I still would love to have her as
    a gf but i'm not really gonna let her know that.

    hahah THANKS GUYS!

    P.S. TO TOME CRUISE! don't worry, she's the kinda girl that's into video games
    and she was playing with us so no worries there =].

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