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    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    When i got to the bootcamp, i was pretty uncomfortable. who wants to sit around with a bunch of weird guys that can't get laid for a couple of days? i've already got quite a bit of game, but i wanted to take it to the next level.

    first mystery came in and he was pretty odd. he had a ski hat pulled down too low over his eyes and he just talked kind of strange. i was thinking "oh boy, what am i in for.."

    here's what happened:
    - discovery did some sessions which were awesome. he's a bright guy and an engaging speaker. he and i had some alpha "back and forth", which was good natured and he gave me some excellent, direct feedback which i really appreciated. he was also REALLY helpful when we went out.
    - mystery turned out to be the NICEST, COOLEST guy on the planet. i thought he would be hugely intimidating, in fact he was the total opposite.
    - in one set i was in that went bad, mystery -- without even directly looking - sensed that it had gone bad, and came and pulled me out. i've never had anyone save me from a bad set before and i was really grateful. the level of social intuition he had was really astonishing.
    - the dynamic was really fun and respectful and cool. instead of it being a group of weird guys, it was a group of fun people figuring out how to get better at life. its hard to understand this unless you actually experience it -- i certainly didn't before i was there. it was a very positive environment, one i want to be part of.
    - colgate showed me some awesome stuff on handling presence in clubs, and i got to see how powerful it was. he's very very good at it.
    - mo was a great coach, always jumping in with helpful suggestions on basic things i was screwing up and didn't even realise.

    but by far the most important aspect of the bootcamp was seeing the guys in "entourage game", particularly Discovery. they pulled in a bunch of hot chicks and were just having fun talking and playing with them. to see how that worked and then have the dynamics explained afterwards was incredibly powerful.

    how helpful was all this?

    well i was travelling after the bootcamp and only got back last night. i went out right away and applied the concepts, creating my own entourage with a helpful pivot on her birthday party. sets flew open all over the place. i guess i had at least 10 sets open simultaneously and tons of girls opening me to talk with me. I was "the flame" most of the night (until i ran out of material LOL).

    I WAS BLOWN AWAY BY THIS. I have *NEVER* done that before. and it was SO DAMN EASY. normally i work to open the girls, now they were opening me!

    My big takeaway is: if you're just sitting here on the forums, studying game and gradually getting a bit better - you're missing out on a HUGE amount of how the game actually works. You're really doing things the hard way. You MUST go and spend time with the venusian arts guys, it is the ONLY way you will fill in the missing gaps. I guarantee there are gaps in your game you don't even realise you have, but they are there and they are causing you to lose the really high quality girls you want. One weekend bootcamp could save you 2 years of studying on here -- and make sure you get your dream girl. Its really that simple. are you willing to risk losing her? (maybe i will get her instead LOL).

    5 stars.. i intended to go to just one bootcamp and be done -- but now and i will definitely go to the next couple of bootcamps, because there is clearly more to learn.

    one other thing -- much of these skills can be applied to BUSINESS too. i also expect to get a massive ROI on a business standpoint, making the bootcamps a trivial investment.

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    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    Miami Bootcamp

    Three!.........Three days is all it took to break free from the irritating (yet evolutionarily necessary) social shackles placed upon us by society.Yes, it is possible to reach an almost clairvoyant like understanding of social dynamics within this modicum of time.Prior to the bootcamp I was but a poor fool wandering the streets,armed with what I thought was a vast amount of PUA material at hand. Unfortunately the sad truth(that I'm just an AFC) was uncompassionately hammered into my head every time I would get the cold shoulder, or worse-the humiliation of not being recognized as a fellow human,and just being ignored.The brewing frustration of failure had thoroughly cooked me into a moping outcast- and just as I was about to throw my hands up in resignation I received a call.

    The man on the other end was Derby. The man sat on the phone with me for hours at a time for 2 weeks straight. At first I thought it was die hard sales tactics but by the third day (of phone consolations lol) it had become increasingly obvious that he was looking after my best interests.With an absurdly gentle approach he illustrated the differences as well as the clear superiority of a live bootcamp as opposed to learning from text.

    December 11th 09' is officially the first day of my life as a free spirit....for its the day I left the "matrix" and started looking at the world as a social chessboard.
    The classes had a ridiculous amount of knowledge. I kid you not when I say I have read virtually everything out there on the subject of pickup and having done so can state (in an almost confrontational tone) that nothing comes close to the live seminar.

    Could I sit here and give you a rundown of everything that happened in those three days? Probably,but the entire internet could not contain all the words,laughs,tears,hugs,high fives,kino,curiosity,AMOGing,notes,and LEARNING that went on in those hours.
    So for the readers convenience I will include,in brevity, some of the highlights.

    Mystery= Encyclopedic mastery plus Sincerity....He is just sooo damn genuine. For someone that's been written about, featured on two seasons of vh1, and virtually single handedly invented pickup he is so fu***ing genuine and sincere. I must of asked him 100 questions and without hesitation he replied with very well thought out answers. His enthusiasm for the subject was contagious and amazing for someone who has most certainly given the same speech countless times.We routinely found ourselves extending classes beyond their scheduled time as he tried "uploading" information into our heads; as well as turning all breaks into mini sessions on game and life. Mystery has changed my life-thank you mystery.

    Discovery=Knowledge plus AMOG The guy was oozing out with useful info and extremely practical ways to go about using the material.He definitely did not allow anyone to fall into their comfort zone and continuously pushed the banter envelope with some of the sharpest and spiciest lines I have ever heard. I refer to him as an AMOG because he essentially is the guy that's going to keep you on your toes and make sure all your contingencies are planed out by constantly negging, DHVing ,and qualifying you. Enough time with him and you will be able to handle spotlight pressure with instinctive ease.He was a very good teacher- tough,rude, and arrogant at times but it's clearly needed for those wishing to pursue the merciless arena of "Game". If one never builds a social callous then one will continuously fear the approach-for that I thank you Discovery.

    Mo=Compassion and magnetism. Mo has a love for people, and interaction. Within minutes of meeting him I felt compelled to share my deepest thoughts. One of the few people in this crazy world who will not only cushion your anxieties with a gentle smile and undivided attention but can actually fix your problems as he has clearly internalized pickup.

    Colgate=Suave and fashion. Unfortunately I only had the opportunity to hear what he had to say in the seminars (which was limited) as he was mostly their as an in-field instructor. Nonetheless whatever did come from him was always useful.

    Derby=Salesman? Who knew? More like best friend lol. Derby is basically peddling a product which he knows and truly believes to be the best.As previously stated he spent enormous amounts of time on the phone with me walking me through the most primitive of steps to make sure I made it to the bootcamp- He found me flights hotels and wingman, what more could I ask for. The fact that I called him 3 times(one of which was 9am on a Sunday morning) after the bootcamp all which were answered with a genuinely 'happy to hear from you' tone is enough evidence to calm those who fear the man who happens to also earn a living in the process of spreading this"knowledge". The guy is just great and he has really earned my trust.

    For all those on the edge.. I beg of you to come to a bootcamp. It will be the biggest release once you realize the amount of power the "method" can give you.

    I sit here attempting with the best of my cognitive abilities to paint for you the amount of positive energy I have for Venusian Arts....I am simply left in a philosophical silence.

    Let the reader take all the best times in his life...compress them into a virtual marble... throw it into your mouth and wait until the explosion of happiness spreads throughout your system... You have now experienced a millionth of the happiness I felt at the bootcamp

    David- The most curious man in the world

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    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    Miami boot camp 2009 review.....

    I just did the Miami (south beach) FL. and it was a real eye opener. after reading books it is still hard to see how it all works. But to see it in front of you.... Wow, it is worth ever penny. The printed word just doesn't show you how it works in the real world. I gives you a ideal, but you always have that doubt in the back of your mind. I have been reading and looking at web sight for the past year, and trying some of what I read-ed, But with the boot camp this is where I am really starting in as a "PUA newbie"...... I would tell everyone if you wont to be a PUA. this is the best way to start. I can not say enough good things about it. My room mate had not open sets be for. The 1st night he did 20 and just could not stop. and did even better the 2ND night. To some it all up, for me it connected allot of the dots in the Game. and it is already changing the way I deal with people in general. It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Words just fail me... if you have never been, you Must go..... It will change your life not just your game!!!!!!!!!!

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    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    Hey walkenbass,

    As per Prophet's request in his stickied thread (see top of this section), we do want reviews from the same bootcamp to be in one thread, so I am merging your post into the collective Miami bootcamp review thread again.

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    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodehard View Post
    How many students were at the Miami boot camp? I planned on going but had a brother go in for kidney failure.

    there was like 35 of us fuckers......

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    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    Quote Originally Posted by boskap View Post
    sounds like everyone who went had a great time.. I'd REALLY like to get in on a bootcamp. It looks like the list of events is out of date? I can't tell. I agree with walkenbass it seems like being there seeing it happen would have a huge impact on your game. I want to get that full experience.
    It was alright....I honest wished i didnt go its not my style the whole MM style or pick up but whatever works for you works for you.....

    I notice one thing though I doesnt feel like me using these made up lines aka canned routines.

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    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    Hello Everybody,

    Mo here (previously known as Sphinx although now considering the name Kyro - opinions on a postcard please lol)

    I wanted to say some thoughts on The Miami Boot Camp which took place last week in mid December.

    It was absolutely an amazing experience for me.

    Firstly I would like to thank Mystery and Discovery for allowing me to come along as a coach.

    For me, being a coach is a very fulfilling experience both spiritually and in terms of game, and I thank Mystery and Discovery for the opportunity.

    Hearing Mystery talk is an inspiration. It doesn't matter how many times I hear Mystery talk it is always an inspiration and there is always something new for me to learn.
    There was so much laughter and fun in the seminar room when Mystery was talking and that showed how much fun we had while we were learning from the master.
    The sessions were really interactive with the students chipping in with contributions and intelligent questions which shows that they were really getting it and trying to understand the finer and more subtle points that Mystery was making.
    In every session Mystery was going over the allotted time so that the students could get as much information as possible and ask any extra questions they might have had.
    Also, everytime Mystery was having a cigarette break downstairs he would spend the time talking with students and answering questions and these little sessions turned almost into little mini classes.
    There were times when Mystery was supposed to be having breakfast or lunch or dinner with us coaches and instead I could see him with students always ready to help them and answer their questions and give them advice.
    I asked Mystery about him missing his meals and he said: 'Mo, their need to get good at this is greater than my need to eat'

    Wow - what a classy guy. Even when I did my first boot camp in London as a student I was very impressed with Mystery's selfless attitude - but now that I have had the honour of being on the coaching team and I see more of Mystery as an insider - I see up close and personal how much of a classy guy he really is.

    During one of the in field nights, Mystery was recognized by three really hot girls in the hotel. He took the time to let them take photos and then bounced them to a club called Delano just opposite the hotel we were staying in.
    During our time in the club, these girls were clearly into Mystery and wanted to spend time with him, but Mystery was surrounded by about 6 students and he dedicated his time to their in field coaching and the girls had to settle for meeting him at his hotel room later lol

    Mystery was also constantly encouraging me and supporting me while I was coaching some students in field.
    It was just amazing and inspirational.

    As Discovery and I are both from the UK, I sometimes forget how much of a great speaker he is.
    His seminar sessions were brilliant and informative as usual. I always learn something new. He never lets me, or the other coaches, or the students settle for mediocrity. He always gets us all to kick ourselves up our own backsides and aspire to greater heights.
    There were two memorable moments for me as far as Discovery was concerned. The first was when he was asked by one student how long it took him to be a master, and he answered by saying ' I don't consider myself to be a master yet' - that was a great show of humility.
    The second was when Mystery presented Discovery with the masters medallion from the TV show - that was a very emotional moment and thoroughly deserved.

    I wanted to also thank and give a shout out to Wemerson (colgate) for being a good friend and fantastic fellow coach.

    I was also inspired by the great friendships I formed from among the students I met there.

    You guys are all amazing and deserve all the success which is coming your way.
    You all made me feel very welcome in the States and I was very humbled by all your kindness and great human nature. Not only are you good at game but your good karma from the way you treat me and each other as brothers will definately add to your success in life.
    I look forward to seeing you all again.
    (I hope you could all understand my English accent)
    You have all left an impression on me...particular shout outs to :

    Shaun - New Jersey
    Josh - Hawaii
    Joe - Miami
    Isaac - mon frere
    David - New York
    Dennis Funny - as usual
    Jeff - Hobbs
    Michael - Costa Rica

    You are all very special guys and I will never forget you.

    Just a note on Miami - it is an amazing city - the weather and the people are amazing.

    ..........The Women...............


    They must be the hottest on the planet. I am definately living in the wrong country.

    I need to do an Eddie Murphy and Come to America.

    Ok - I left the best till last -

    I must give the most special shout out to Derby Perez - or Derby Valentino as he is now known.
    This guy is just so special - without him there would be no boot camp. He treats me like a brother and is so kind to everybody he meets.
    And I was so happy on the Sunday night when I saw you kiss closing a hot girl. Well done mi hermano.
    Derby you are a legend and muchas gracias for everything.

    Peace and blessings.

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    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    No problem, I was told I would be able to get into the VIP after I posting the review. My 1st one I did not get in so I tryed to start my own thread. I also tryed emailing prophet. If you can help please check into it.

    Quote Originally Posted by azazels_wolf View Post
    Hey walkenbass,

    As per Prophet's request in his stickied thread (see top of this section), we do want reviews from the same bootcamp to be in one thread, so I am merging your post into the collective Miami bootcamp review thread again.

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    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    Mo, u just made my day. next time i c u, we'll OWNNN MIAMI.


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    Miami bootcamp dec 2009 review

    I would like to add to the kind words of Kyro, and say that for all of those who attended the bootcamp i am very thankful. The interactions and willingness to learn was amazing. Mo is always a great coach/friend/brother, his game is very dynanmic and ive seen him pull some crazy stuff (dont forget to go the the restaurant brother). Discovery is my older brother who always seems to carry energy everywhere he goes. Mystery, thank you for endorsing me as a Venusian Arts Coach, it meens alot, cant wait for January. To all the students, it give me great pleasure to know the effort you guys keep putting in on every bootcamp. I am really happy to help every single one of you and will take any questions about game that you may have. Send me a PM and im always here. Also special shouts to Mr. Derby Valentino, with out you brother we would all be going crazy. You keep us in line and i am personally appreciative.

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