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    About this girl I know from Facebook...

    Hey guys...

    Well here is the story...

    There is this girl I never met in person, but I know her for full year on Facebook...

    I must say that I am very new to PUA world, I am into it for a few months, and now I am pretty comfortable with girls, but when I met this girl year or so ago, I wasn't.

    So she added me on FB year ago, and immidiatelly showed me she likes me, complementing on my pics, telling me how good looking I am, poking me all the time etc...

    Even if I was not the best with girls at the time, I was looking very alpha to her because you can cover your fears on facebook right and I must admit I am very good looking guy, so I was seamed very alpha to her.

    So half year ago I tryed to meet her, there was this concert we both wanted to go to, so we arranged to see each other, going to concert toghether. But concert was canceled

    Three months ago there was also some happening where we wanted to meet each other, but because of some circumstances we couldn't meet again.

    So I was a little bored because we tried to see each other twice and somehow didn't, so I did not chat to her for last two months a lot.

    So yesterday, I added some new pics to Facebook, and she liked them, wrote a comment that I'm looking good, and poked me on facebook.

    Now the thing is, I still want to meet this girl, but now I can't because I'm very busy for next month or two, have some travelings etc... and will not be possible to see her in next two months...

    ..but if I want to meet here later, I should really respond to this poke that she gave me, right... but how? Cause I'm doing this poke and chat flirting with her for a year now, and if I respond with something like "Hey, what's up, poke girl blah blah" it can get a little bored, right?... cause we already do that for a year...

    So can someone tell me how should I repond (some actuall words to say?) to this poke, and what should I do in next month or so, so that we can continue this flirting wibe.
    The thing is we are flirting over Facebook for a year now , and still have not meet each other, so if I just continue small flirts over facebook, in my opinion it can get a little boring, because it's same over and over for a year now... and now she poked me, I would like to meet her, but I can't... so how should I continue to be possible to tell her : "Hey, let's see each other" in a month or two when I'll find time...


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    About this girl I know from Facebook...

    It sounds like you might not talk on the phone much or at all, or text, so maybe say, "I'd like to set up something to see you finally, but I'm going to be traveling for a few months so I won't be back until then, and I might not be on facebook that much while traveling, so why don't you call me sometime (or I'll call you sometime)"

    This way you can move up to talking on the phone which can work out better and you can suductivly talk to her some night.

    If you don't want to do that, just tell her what you are up to and use your traveling and such as dhv. maybe you should skype with her video chat can turn into her strip teasing...

    it seems to me you could just as easily not talk to her for two more months then get a hold of her after and tell her what you've been up to but your back now and would like to see her. I feel girls might start to forget you in a way, but when you come back they will quickly like you again...


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