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    Does qualification begin BEFORE or DURING isolation

    does qualification begin - right before isolating the target / or aftering isolating?

    this is something that has always confused me.
    this is a *summary * of the way i usually do things

    1 open
    2 false time constraint
    3 root opener
    4 1st dhv routine - usually a cold read of the entire group
    5 neg target
    6 lock in
    7 begin stacked dhv routines
    8 wait for 2 ioi's from target
    9 ask "how do you guys all know each other "
    **10 then ask 1st qualification question while still part of the group
    and if she complies with a genuine response then isolate her
    11. continue with a few more qualification questions while in isolation
    12. then transition with grounding sequence then further into comfort

    is this correct?

    My main question is exactly when does qualification begin? while still part of the group or after i have isolated her

    I would like to know others oppinions on the order in which this should be done. Its not something that will absolutely determine my level of success but it has been something that has confused me for a while. and would just like a specific GENERAL RULE for when to begin my first qualification question.

    Ive been doing it in this format for about 1 year and have gotten consistent results but i would like to fine tune my game as much as possible.

    I would appreciate others opinion as long as its useful and not pointless and rude thanks.

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    Does qualification begin BEFORE or DURING isolation

    hey there... how is it goin'?

    I would say that it's ok.... BUT... you have to kino test her first... if she responds positively to your kino, you have a clear way... now, when you accomplish this, you may reward her... so, you may qualify her IN the set, or in the comfort... it doesn't matter, as long as you make compliance testing and she responds... oh, and another kiss gambit:" I trying so hard not to kiss you, but i dunno if you are good kisser" (especially on hot ones, cuz they will be like:" me???? i'm the best kisser in the world") muhahahahaha. Oh, and when you do qualification, don't NEG her too much, only teasing ones to DHV yourself...

    Good luck pal!

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    Does qualification begin BEFORE or DURING isolation

    Never stop qualifying...

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