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    intoduction/ text game question

    Hey guys ..I'm new to these forms ... I've been on the " love systems" forums ever since theve been known as the mystery method ... not to make this a long post but just a bit of background on me

    I'm 21, fairly goodlooking, pretty socialy inclined .. I have had decent success with women in the past . But wanted to better my chances with the amazing and interesting women I see everyday and never know how to become part of there lives.. I've been studying game for over a year .. I have a lot of love systems and mystery method products as well as othe pick up literature .. I've had a decent amount of success with women I meet in my social circle which has prolonged my drive to cold aproach ...


    I met an HB 8 through my social circle about 8 months ago .. I would see her at every party we threw .. Once I met her I immediatley started throwing attraction material at her ... ( confident frame, push pull , teasing , cocky funny, negs ) after my AFC cousin failed to F close there was a hault in there communication .. Upon an attempt to start building more attraction and comfort to go into an isolated day 2 I started txting and received an awsome amount of compliance and IOIs after a week or soo of me failing to follow through with plans to hang out .. She became very hard to get a hold of .. Or i f I was able to I would get a few subsiquent txts back .. I would then try to time bridge to a meeting and she would always flake ... she doesn't answer calls but somtimes txts ....

    She also claims to " never make plans ahead of time" soo its difficult unless I'm trying for that night ... the last thing I used to anchor to a meeting was talk of a phsycology book I wanted to check out and ultimatley buy I wanted her to go with me ... she agreed and then flaked ...

    Currently I'm away for the weekend working .. And I would like to use some down time to reinitiate and bridge to a meeting but I dont know what to do ....

    Any help? Thanks guys sry for the long post and I'm sry if this is the wrong forum


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    intoduction/ text game question

    you've lost the frame!

    That's a tough one, mate. How frequently do you converse? how active is her social life? I'd try what I like to call a "conditional freeze-out". Never ask. Assume the close. "Thursday. 9 PM. . Be there or be square." You don't have to go with the last line, use your own language. But make your continued interaction dependent on her actions. if you tell, and she says no, then say "i'm not free until tuesday. tuesday, then." Never ask. Tell. If she agrees and doesn't show, freeze out contact for a week or two, then do the same thing again. If this fails, then you haven't built enough interest. She should always want you.

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    intoduction/ text game question

    You know we talk basically whenever I open her via txt ... I usually open her with somthing interesting ... like SURPRISE... or MADE YOU LOOK .... and like 90% of the time shell respond .. And I try to seed things that can spark an interesting convo .. And it will last for a considerable amount of time ... with her my main focus is to always time bridge .. Her social life is busy .( like most high vauled females) ... she has work most nights of the week and every weekend .. And other wise ... she always has plans and freinds...

    However .. I know there's a def physical attraction .. Because in the past SHE'S OPENED ME with txts like " hey hottie" ... I feel that the time lapse between .. Then and now has caused he to become bored with all talk to show .. And has possibly been talking to or interested in other guys ...

    The one objection I have vinniesunshine with ur suggestion .. Is that I have basically frozen her out every time she flakes ... and it doesn't seem to effect her ... maybe you can through some suggestions of how you would "over sell" an invitation over to my appartment .. Where I would have freinds and BP ... just ... how I can really intice her into wanting to comit? Thanks man

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