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    California Gaming

    One of Project DC moved to California a month ago. I spoke with him the other night. He had some interesting insights.

    He said the attitude in LA is much more laid back, so gaming was much easier. Instead of the stress caused by rejection, women out there are so much more acceptive of everyone.

    Another thing he said about the women are the quality. He said that the quality is unbelievable. The hottest DC girls are nothign compared to LA women. Looks-wise, anyway.

    He said the psych level is out there. He relayed that one girl he met shared on their Day 2, "I was a psychotic when I was in high school...thinking about killing the entire cheerleading squad. But, now that I am on medication and have been going to therapy for the last five years, that's all in the past."

    He also said the PUA level is amped. He said he witnessed PUAs approach couples on a dates and walk away with her number, one even walked away with the girl while the wing occupied the guy.

    He said the weather is so much nicer and that allows for him to game a lot more than DC allowed. And there are more places to go

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    California Gaming

    Its such a dynamic area and its made up of so many people who are open to new ideas and whatnot its great. Plus the sun makes everybody happier I think. If there are any young people out there looking to start a Project Santa Monica or a Project Malibu let me know.

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