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Thread: Need help!

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    Need help!

    So one of the sets I opened last night I had a problem with. I opened with my usual opener. "If a girl hooks up with a girl is it cheating" This opener usually hooks really well. I said it then I realized that I couldn't think of what to say next! I know this is a little much but could someone give me like a few minutes of conversation to use, I can never find the right opportunity to neg. So if someone could give me some convo to use and maybe a routine to stack to that they use that would be so cool! The conversation almost always goes the same:

    Me: Hey guys I need an opinion on something
    HBs: Yea?
    Me: Ok so if a girl goes into a bar and hooks up with a guy that's cheating right?
    HB: She has a boyfriend?
    HB:Yea obviously! (Maybe theres a good neg to throw in her but I can't think of anything!)
    Me: Ok ok. But if a girl goes to a bar and hooks up with a girl is that cheating?
    HBs:No thats not cheating! blah blah blah
    Me: Cause this girl my friend is dating keep doing this, he's really mad.
    HBs: Maybe she's a lesebian blah blah blah (Thread is getting old by now)

    That's how it always goes

    So...where to go now?

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    Need help!

    Cut . . . Stack . . . forward . . .

    Ask her if she's hooked up with a girl like that.

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