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    In the VIP on Fuse.... what BS

    I looked for other threads on this and didnt see any.

    Has any else seen this show... The Keys to the VIP or
    something like that on Fuse?
    OMG the one episode I saw had some guy opening with
    these dance moves. If any one else has seen this show
    please comment as well. I think Mehow was on one of the
    episodes but...

    Some of my thoughts on this episode....

    First, IMO these guys were above average looks and had
    NO game what so ever. NONE. The only way they got away
    with giving SOI's right off the bat was their looks.
    The girls even told them right off the bat, "you
    really good looking". COME ON. All the 7's that is.
    The woman with any moxie, the 9, blew Mr Trophy out
    right away. Cause, he had no game. They had to cut
    down the womans shoes and then get her number. Simple
    to a guy with game who KNOWS how to neg. Lmao I've
    done it. Not the way they did. "I dont like your skirt
    and shoes", WTF is that?

    Second... If you put both these guys in a dreadock wig
    with a nose piercing, and t shirt... their "game" is
    so bad, even the 7's they were gaming wouldn't have
    talked to them.

    Lol.. totally not worth watching, except if you want
    to see good looking AFC's get a phone number and
    club make out. Unless there is usefull info in other

    I also have watched like 5 episodes of Gene Simmons
    family Jewels.. and the more I watch the more AFC he
    gets, OMG... he is so whipped. I am beginning to think
    he has no game either and its all star/celeb status
    and the tongue.

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    In the VIP on Fuse.... what BS

    How many episodes of Keys to the VIP have you seen? I think I've seen about 11 of them now and there were a few really good ones and a few really bad ones. You gotta remember, it's a program focussed on entertainment, not teaching or showcasing solid game. I know the so-called 'judges' talk about and use game terminology but I mean, has anyone even heard of those guys?

    Some of their openers are quite good and occasionally I'm shocked by what's possible when you just have ultimate confidence and a strong frame.

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    In the VIP on Fuse.... what BS

    I like watching the show because you get to occasionally learn some interesting things from these "naturals", while also learning what NOT to do in a set.

    I love watching it, it's a great laugh, and you occasionally learn a couple of things.

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    In the VIP on Fuse.... what BS

    Yeah.. watch more episodes. It's ok in some spots.

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    In the VIP on Fuse.... what BS

    Comedy central, tuesdays at 10 30 if Im not mistaken......

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    In the VIP on Fuse.... what BS

    The producer posts on TMM from time to time. The judges also know about proactive game and as some have picked up, use the terminology.

    I got invited to be on the show but some issues arose and it's not looking like it's going to happen.

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    In the VIP on Fuse.... what BS

    Yeah some of the episodes are really bad (guys have no game) and some are really really good... like the guy who didn't even own a cell phone... or the italian guy that went in, disarmed the brother, and got the number right in front of the boyfriend.

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