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    Phone-game Advice

    Sup guys,
    here's the scenerio.

    At work i have aco-worker i've been talking to for a while, i dont mess around at work but flirt with 2 women who are very attractive. In this case she wanted me to match me up w/ her friend. She said that we expressed a mutual interest(about meeting/talking to each other) and gave me here number.

    I understand that she is:
    Cosmopolitan(sex and the city type)

    part-time undergrad student
    full-time job
    workout regularly
    have roomates

    she sounds to be 100% my type, any advice/pointers?


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    Phone-game Advice

    not my best field but just be talkative, maybe few dhv stories and get off the phone-game as fast as possible and to the daygame.. "i'm going shopping for some shoes tomorrow.. you can tag along too and give your female point of view.."

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    Phone-game Advice


    phone game has been going good so far(long talks and call backs).

    this weekend we're having a "day2".
    feeling relaxed and confident, keep yall posted.


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    Phone-game Advice

    Hey there, BleakBleak:

    You are 26 and Latin and you got a full time job, and you workout regularly. It sounds to me like you got the world by the BALLS!!!

    As long as you aren't married and have kids running around (hey, I'm Latin too, and I know my people).

    I'm an old man and I wish I had discovered this shit back when I was in my 20s.

    Just Remember; when you walk into a room, say to yourself, "I'm BleakBleak and I OWN this fucking room!"

    Let us know how it goes, B.


    P.S. You should dance salsa. White women LOVE Latin guys who are young and dance salsa and are SINGLE. When I go out dancing, I get these OBVIOUSLY white women who come up and try to practice their (very bad) Spanish with me. Unfortunately, when they find out that I can't speak any Spanish either, they just turn tail and run away (either that or my breath is nasty).

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    Phone-game Advice


    I had my day2. i was nervous going in but thn i said to myself "hey, this isnt your first date, so chill the fuck out"

    after that i was cool and walked in alot more confident than when i'm cold approaching.

    From first meeting through out the 2hrs we spent with each other i got continuous IOIs form her(licking lips, flicking hair).


    unfortunately for me, she is not completely my type...i cant believe it. after all my nervousness she lacked a quality that i require but b/c i got so anxious i forgot all about it.


    (in case there are any women reading you should that TnA is NOT sex-appeal, i know some one has that thought in their minds out there)

    she was very plain-jane, a great person all around , cultured intelligent, cheerful, mature, BUT PLAIN.

    I'll see her one more time just to make sure she wasn't trying to fool me, even though i pretty sure she wasn't faking the plain.

    then let her go and go back to the drawing board.


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    Phone-game Advice

    Hey there, B:

    Glad to hear you got over the anxiousness. That is always the hardest part.

    Sorry to hear that she isn't your type. I'm interested to know a little mroe by what you mean about sensuality / sex appeal, because it is different for different guys, and my belief is that different women show it in different ways.

    Don't get me wrong; I believe you should only spend your time gaming women who are 10s in your book. But sometimes when you get a woman out of her element - get her doing something that she has never done before and start to see whether she has an adventurous spirit or not - that is when I start to really see whether they have sex appeal or not.

    Anyway, just my two cents. Keep us posted.


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