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New 12-09, 05:27
what's up man?
New 06-09, 14:11
Hey guys I have a question
New 19-08, 19:25
Please check my latest post- big things coming
New 16-08, 01:32
Everytime I try To Join A Group And Ask A follow Up Question They Respond "I Dont Know You?" Is It The Opener?
New 16-08, 01:31
Okay So I need Your Help
New 28-07, 23:32
Also if there is any PUA from Romania here, just let me know
New 28-07, 23:31
I am also new and searching for some advice and a guru
New 28-07, 23:30
New 03-06, 11:27
hey i am new, can anyone guide me in?
New 02-06, 23:02
Looking for someone to sarge with a complete novice [London]
New 30-05, 16:36
lets go out
New 30-05, 16:36
Just got to Euston
New 25-05, 14:10
Looking for experienced wing in London
New 08-05, 12:52
Looking for someone in London
New 08-05, 12:51
New 01-05, 22:29
Hey I'm looking for pua wing, in northwest burbs of Chicago.
New 30-03, 19:17
Amazing Cassadon!
New 07-03, 04:27
New 03-03, 19:42
they go very well, and sometimes i have even more sucess. When you reach a certain level it doesn't even matter anymore lol
New 01-03, 22:57
used to read and be into this stuff in college its been a solid 7 years...thinking about going to a nearby sportsbar tonight solo dolo
New 01-03, 22:57
im dreday
New 01-03, 22:57
whats up
New 28-02, 18:44
How did it go for you?
New 24-02, 18:30
yes. i have many of times on purpose. I just don't like being dependant on others.
New 17-02, 20:21
Has anyone gone to sarge alone to the club?
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