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J the Ripper
04-02-2008, 06:56 AM
JTheRipper's Fools, Drools, and Same Night Pulls w/4pics


A year ago, crossing a busy intersection in Hollywood at 10pm would have scared me to death.

And NOT BECAUSE I was afraid a semi truck would run me over, and smear my tepid eager guts on the freezing concrete, as my severed arm flings up in the air sending a sprial spray of liquid cooper tainting everything in its proximity, as a little girl screams in the distance while her mother covers her eyes...

NOPE. That didn't bother me.

Heres what did...

Crossing the street itself, and having all the people in thier cars waiting at the red light, watching me...

Watching me cross the street, judging me, hating me, thinking I was a fucking loser. Feeling thier eyes examining every inch of my being, inside and out...as if they had a special see-through power that could expose your soul and most intimate thoughts...something I felt I had been born without, but that apparently everyone else possesed.

I was a fuckin mess 13 months ago and pretty much my whole life before that. Though I had moments of conquest, and triumped where most my peers hadnt during those dark days, it would always return to the same thing...

I would feel like shit. And I felt thats all I was worth.

The light turns red at the intersection of Hollywood Blvd and N. Las Palmas, and I pull out a Virginia Blend Marlboro. I cross the street like I fuckin own it...John "Saturday Night Fever" Travolta himself couldnt walk these streets like I was doing now.

I glance at the tall buildings, the neon lights, the glitz, glamour, dirt and filth that Ive adopted as my playground....even though I had taken 2 showers since last night, my fingers still smelled like pussy from the night before.


I fuckin love everything about it. From Pinks, the bums on the street, the smog, the hookers, the street performing talent...the wild, the wonderful, the weird...

I take a deep breath and blow out the smoke, as the cross walk timer turns yellow...I was more than halfway to the other side, but rather than run to make it to the other side before it turns red, I take another hit of my smoke and check the time on my cell.

The cars won't mind if I dont hurry...afterall, this is my home.
================================================== ===============

Cast of Players for the Night @ Element 03/29/2008:

Johnny Wolf
Sexual Chocolate

I drove solo tonite, and my 'Crew was nowhere to be seen.

Parking aint cheap around these parts, so I figure most would be late just looking for a spot to park.

I get in line, and put my smoke out against the wall, and feel my pocket for my cell. It's a little past 10pm.

There's a group of people in front of me laughing it up, and having a good time. My friends still havent arrived, so I decide to make new friends. I spot out the most alpha-looking dude of the group (a bald husky hooligan with a tear tat under his eye) and I go in:

J the Ripper: (addressing the crowd, with a smile/wave combo) Hey whats up guys? Whats the all the commotion about? (all eyes on me now).

I had NEVER opened a set this big before...it was a fuckin "Mega Set" it seemed...About 15 total (5 guys, the rest girls) and now that I had thier attention, I had to say something.


I wasnt really feeling anxiety per se, but I had thier attention and now I had to do something about it. I turn to the hooligan and point at him, while putting my right hand on his shoulder...(I almost regretted doing that as my hand made contact with his shoulder)...

J the Ripper: ...And this guy right here, dude, you look my old friend Freddy Gonzalez from the 9th grade! (I'd used a variation of this opener before a few weeks ago). Me and that guy used to smoke so much weed together...

Its a hit.

They start laughing (I love the collective cackles of female laughter) and Hooligan cracks a smile I didnt think he was capable of, almost as if making the expression of 'Oh, he's one of those types of guys'. We both hold imaginary joints to our lips and exhale in laughter.

He's instantly my buddy.

I ask how they all know each other, and turns out they are all co-workers.

I notice the prize of the set is now eyeing me, probably wondering who the fuck I am. I make eye contact with her for a second, and go back to engaging the set.

J the Ripper: Dude, dude, this guy is cool, youre all cool. So whats the special occasion?

The alpha chick of the group speaks up and says its her birthday, and lets out a "WHOOAAA", and the other girls giggle and follow the holler in unison. I give her a high five, and turn to another guy in the set who appears uncomfortable in his "club clothes" (which I dont think he is very used to wearing) with the way I just came in. I put my arm around him slightly, and point at him.

J the Ripper: And this guy right here. You look money brother! (Hooligan starts to laugh again, and the girls look on...) Nice outfit. Is the birthday girl your lady?

The girls once again share the same harmonized response and start laughing, as if the idea of them two being a couple was ridiculous. I introduce myself to the guys formally (handshake combo fist bump), and I have most of them won over it seems...either that or theyre very good at faking smiles. I say hello to the girls, and when I get to the prize I say...

J the Ripper: And you, holy shit, look at you...

I take her by the hand, and bring her to me, and the girls start to do the "Whooooaaa" thing again as I turn the motion into a twirl. She is VERY giggly, and covers her face with her free hand.

J the Ripper: Thats it, I dont even have to go into the club anymore, I found my girl right here. Hahaa, how cute, I didnt mean to make you blush. Come here.

I hug her, and her friend let out a "Awwwwww". The guys are just smiling and nodding.

I know that smile nod.

It was submission.

J the Ripper: But unfortunalty this is all we're ever gonna be because of...this! (I hold her hand up and point to her ring on the appropriate finger). But who knows, the night is young...right Hooligan?

Hooligan starts to bust up and gives me a high 5. This guy could easily kick my ass and tear me to shreads, but right now he might as well be Freddy Gonzales.

For any of the guys to try and block me now would be social suicide...the leader liked me AND the girls...the others dudes would just come off as assholes if they tried to bring me down in any way.

I had NEVER done something like that before. Opening a mega set, and expressing my interest in front of everyone like that was a rush....the adrenaline was flowing through me, and I felt just...


I didnt really have a tactic in mind by doing that, I was just improvising and flowing...experimenting. I realized I probably blew any chance with her because of the shit I expressed to her...or did I?

I didnt care. And I felt good about it.

I had fun doing it.

Thats all that matters.
************************************************** ****************
Why i did what I did:

Honestly I was bored.

My friends hadnt arrived yet, and I saw the group being social and in good spirits, so I said why the fuck not? Make friends, and see some familiar faces later on in the night inside the club. I open with "Whats up guys", in a very neutral low key way. I start to gradually increase my presence within the group as they become more accepting to the fact that Im joining it.

I decide to focus on the alpha of the group first, who at the time appeared to be the biggest male taking up the most space, and by the way the others reacted to him. I figure if I can get him to be my buddy (which ive gotten very good at the last few months), then Im in. I want to bond with him quick and let him know Im not a threat, so I frame him as my long lost friend, and toke the pretend blunt (which Im sure he'd done plenty before). I put my arm around him quite a bit, and create the illusion we're old time hommies. I find the least alpha looking of the guys, and quickly establish my dominace over him to the girls.

So in effect, the male pecking order is basically reshuffled to allow for my inclusion, and I joke around with the girls, and tease the prize by putting her on the spotlight, and making it known that at least in that moment, she's the object of my affection. Im the most vocal of the males, but still pay respect to the leader by including him in whats going on.

A nice little social experiment is the way I'd like to look back on this encounter...

Let's go inside the club...
================================================== ===================================

They make everyone go to another line, and I see Hawk, Joker (and Joker's pivot) show up. They have already talked to GVirus, and apparently he's already inside the club with ADZ.

We go in and I like it right away. My state is feeling solid and Im ready to meet some troublemakers. I find 'Virus and ADZ, and we chat and catch up for a bit. Johnny Wolf and Sexual Chocolate arrive as well, and we chat with them also.

Right away I see Johhny and Choc at work; fuckin awesome to see them in action. JW has a great frame, and enters easlessly into sets, and makes them stick. We so a set together by the bar, and quickly have them isolated from each other. This was sort of practice, a prelude to wing job we pulled later on. It was fun watching him during his interactions; very experienced.

I see Sex Choc, and I was in awe of the guy.

Very precise and ultra smooth in his game; definalty lived up to all Ive read/heard about him previously. He had multiple sets engaged, and was always the cente rof attention everytime I turned around.

GVirus is merging sets left and right, truly putting PU into practice...as he opens sets I notice girls in the proximity checking him out. He is so charasmatic its ridiculous...no wonder he already has a flock of students.

Much respect bro.

ADZ is also smokin tonite, making awesome progress for only being in the game for a month. This guy has "it". Curious to see where he is in a few months.
************************************************** ***********

ADZ: Yo Ripper, wanna meet Mystery?

I knew he'd be here tonight along with Lovedrop. They had run a bootcamp the night before, and apparently GVirus and the Mystery crew became friends, exchanged numbers. I was anxious to meet him. When I first got into this stuff, MM really helped me conceptualize the structure of what PU was...I owe alot to that ingenious 3 step progression.

JTR: Cool, sure...

ADZ leads me around to the back of the dancefloor and introduces me. We chat for a few minutes, and take a pic. He has students with him. Later on I see them out in the smoking patio, and Lovedrop is there too.

They were very chilled out and relaxed. I'm glad I wasnt dissapointed. Class Act dudes all the way. We just chat and bullshit, and enjoy the club atmosphere. I take one of the students and we go into a set together, but he doesnt stay with me and kind of dissapears.
************************************************** ***********

Makeout #1




I see a girl in the outside patio smoking section, mock-lesbo-dancing with her friend (from pic). I go in and quickly make my presence known.

J the Ripper: You guys, I was just told to inform you that dont allow that shit here...you guys need to go get a room...Im right down the street. (smiling playfully)

The start to laugh, and go back to doing thier thing. I lean up against the wall and have a smoke, and the one I liked of the 2 comes up to me and asks for a cig.

J the Ripper: You like Marbs? Cause you cant complain if its free you know?

Her: hahaa, thanks. Whats your name?

At this point her friend was back at the bar, and was being approached by one of Mystery's students.

I have "Some Kinda Hate" from The Misfits stuck in my head, and I randomly ask her if she like Glenn Danzig (the original singer).

Her: OMG, I love Danzig!!1

I put my arm around her and we sing a sloppy rendition of his 1993 hit, "Mother" and we both crack up laughing. I show her my screen saver (a pic of Danizg w/ Eerie Von from the Samhain days) and she gives me a hug.

Her: Ok, youre like the coolest guy her...and youre cute.

I blow out my smoke and see that Im being watched by Mystery and Lovedrop from the distance. I take her hand...

JTR: Yuck! Calling me CUTE? Puppy dogs and bunnies are cute...

She laughs, and I take her in my arms, and we both blow our smoke out at the same time, and we start to kiss.

Ciggerette Flavor Makeouts.

Yummy, my favorite.

We chat for about 20 minutes, and Joker comes by to take a picture of us. We exchange numbers and and go back to our friends.

Mystery comes up to me, pats me on the shoulder and says:

Mystery: Good job man, just one thing...you should push pull more; when she turns this way, you turn that way...otherwise youre really good.

Cool shit. Infield advice from the man himself.

Why I did what I did:

When I saw the two girls mock lesbo dancing, I knew I had to open with something sexual, since thats what they were doing with each other with the grinding and what not. I accuse them of being naughty and perhaps needing to be kicked out; then add the fact they should get a room; mine. The way I said it was very playfull and the smile I wore put down thier initial defenses.

When she approached me for a smoke and STAYED, rather than go off to her friend, I knew I was in. The rest was just timing. We bonded quick with our love for Glenn Danzig, so that was just a bonus. (That reminds me, I should call her). By singing, we participated in an act together that sped up our comfort level.

We were having fun, and actually had shit in common.

At that point, I knew we'd be scamming in no time.
************************************************** ***********************************************

The BlowOuts:

Only one that sticks out, but it kinda stung me.

I approched a tall half asian/hispanic looking chick, and asked her:

JTR: Hey whats up? There's something Ive been dying to tell you...

Tall Chick: Did you need something? (said annoyed and bitchy)

JTR: Depends...what you got? Im just fuckin around, you set yourself up for that one...listen, are you a fan of Grease 2 or not because if not then we have nothing more to say (I love Grease 2)...

Tall Chick: Ok, youre too weird, get the fuck out of my face....

I couldnt understand why she did that. I was just being fun and silly...What crawled up her fine ass?
************************************************** **********************************************

Makeout #2

Back in my natural habitat, the Club smoking section.

I see a beautiful legit 8 walking towards me and I feel myself lost in her gaze...almost hypnotic...and she's looking right at me. Her face is like almost too good to be true...Like Kelly from Beverly Hills 90210 (my first tv oneitis).

Legit8: I like this right here (grabbing my lip)...did it hurt?

She was referring to my labret piercing, and I told her yes it did at first, and the swelling was even worse since it almost cause the inside to become fully embedded.

JTR: And did that hurt (stroking her arm; she had a tattoo of some tribal writing stuff.)

I ask if she has any smokes, and we share one up against the wall; same exact spot where I made out with the other one. I didnt take a picture with thisone, but I wish I would have...just so I can see her face again. Too fuckin cute.

We chat about fashion (which I know nothing about) and I start to get bored.

J the Ripper: Whats the weirdest thing you can think of right now? Serious...be creative....

She makes a thinking face, and I eagerly await something witty, shocking or at least...mildly entertaining.

Legit8: I like going to Yuma?

She was talking about Yuma, AZ...my sister lived there before and I it sucks. I fall back on some default material and tell her to stop being so fuckin cute, for at least 5 seconds. She tries making a mean face, and I hug her, saying she looks cuter than before. She giggles and we start to scam. I take her in my arms and enjoy every moment. Definatley one of the hottest girls Ive ever kissed. But in the end I guess it doesnt mean anything. Its just a club makeout. It doesnt count.

We separate and go back in for another one. I wonder if she can taste the other girl in me, or smell her perfume. Maybe she had seen me makeout with her before.

I think the makeout proficiency has served it purpose, and I had alot of fun during that stage of my learning. But its hard to break old habits. But luckily, I am creating new ones. So far this year I already have 4 SNL's. Thats like 1 a month. For a guy like me who couldnt get that many in several years, its definatley a mind fuck.

We part ways.
************************************************** ************************************************** *
As she walks off, I see JW in a set with two girls. He is doing awesome on his own, and I decide to wing him. I come in and greet him, and he smiles and welcomes me in. I say hello, and start chatting up my target while JW is working on the older sister. I take my target by the hand and walk her back to the same wall spot, telling her that its my favorite wall and she wonders why. We have a smoke together (I know, I fuckin smoke alot).

We start talking about where shes from, and what she does. She looks young. Confirms she only 21. We talk about music and a bunch of stuff. 5 minutes later I already have her in my arms and were just shooting the shit.

I tell her she has a very interesting ass, and she laughs and play hits me. I spank her, and she says:

Sister21: OMG! You cant grab my ass like that! How would you like it if I grabbed your dick!? (said playfully defensive)

J the Ripper: Dont you dare grab it, thats not the same as grabbing your ass. And besides I spanked it not grabbed it. Leave my dick alone.

We both start laughing, and she starts to threaten to really do it. I keep playfully rejecting her, and she goes in and claws at it. Wow, bold chick.

At this point JW and I take the girls back into the club and we start to dance near the side of the dance floor. JW's girl is kissing his neck, and theyre having a great time. I'm grinding on my chick, and feeling her up. I take turns turning her towards me and away every couple minutes. Mystery walks by and pats me on the back.

Its pretty much whatever goes. She's fondling my crotch, and Im sucking her fingers, and kissing her lips. I turn to see JW, and he's doing awesome too. I suggest we pull. NOW.

The club closes up, and we bounce the girls to Mel's Diner down the street. Sex Choc drives us, and we have a fun little drive there.

As we get in the diner, Sex Choc already is seated with a group of girls and engaging the set. Im not sure if he knew them from before, but the way he handled them was fuckin $$$. Love seeing him in set.

We all go to sit down, eat some fries, and chit chat for a bit.

In the parking lot JW confirms he doesnt think this pull is going to turn into a full close...he target had told him earlier that she had been in a long multi year relationship and that she couldnt tonite, but that in other circumstances she would. I felt since they actually bounced and let us pull them from the club it had to be on...in my experience thats they way its always ended up so far.

And if he's not gonna pull, then I really cant either; theyre sisters and staying at the same hotel...my target also told me she had a BF back home, and all she would do with me is makeout and feel each other up.

We take them back to the doorstep of the hotel and kiss them goodbye. There's really nothing else left to try that I can think of...I dont want to appear too needy by trying to caveman our way inside...

So we leave it be.

Oh well cant win them all.

I had a great time anyways, and got to observe real pro's in action.

Ive mentioned before that Im doing this PU stuff partly because I feel I have alot of catching up to do for the years I spent not doing shit...and right now, I think Ive made my time back and then some.

Looking forward to entering my second year in pick up.
-J The Ripper

04-02-2008, 07:31 AM
Ya screwed us this time...always waiting for the pull to come through by the end of the post, lol. Good report. Meeting mystery had to have been pretty damn cool after a year of dedicated sarging.

p.s...pics didn't stick :-(

04-02-2008, 02:23 PM
Impressive as always bro,

a suggestion for your upcoming project, include the mega-set story. I was interested in how you described the male social dynamics in that. I never would have thought to show dominance over the least alpha, I would normally just make buddies with the lead.

04-03-2008, 12:15 PM
That was fuckin' nice. Always loving the field reports.

I'm going to have to sarge with you guys soon. :D