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03-30-2008, 03:55 PM
OK so the other night, I got into a set with an HB8-9. It was going very well. I was getting all kinds of IOI's. It was a relaxed lounge atmosphere so I did not feel the need to rush to some kind of close. I intended on talking and playing with her for a while.

At some point, she started talking to some chump. I did the classic "I'll let you two be alone" line taken directly from the Game and I went and opened a few other girls. I could see that she was looking over at me longingly but I did not want to blow this cat-string thing I had going on by approaching her again. I actually ended up letting her go entirely. I feel I mishandled this.

If you are doing cat-string, when do you re-engage the target? I was assuming that she would come back to me but on retrospect I am not sure that is how it works. She was repeatedly making eye contact with me even as she spoke to the other guy. Was that the single to re-engage?

I am terrible at cat-string so any help is appreciated. I tend to go far, far to the other end of pulling away too much. I need some tips on the time when it is okay for the cat to catch the string.

03-30-2008, 08:47 PM
I did a fun variation of this last night. I'd opened a girl early, spent some time talking with her, and then we drifted apart.

I noticed she was talking to this other guy for a long time. But at a certain point I saw that she was sort of shuffling like she wanted to be dancing, and not really looking at him.

I made eye contact with her from the dance floor, and gestured like she had a rope tied to her and I was pulling it towards me, reeling her in.

She left the guy and came to dance with me.


Reopen when YOU want to, HOW you want to. If your game was good up to this point (and it sounds like it was) then you've got a lot of flexibility.