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03-28-2008, 06:52 PM
Tonight we were out at Elevate in downtown LA. It's me, JC, and 3 of his friends. It was a nice place, not as abundant as I'm used to at Vanguard but still pretty good.

Real quick rundown of sets for tonight so I can get to the interesting one.

I started with a few warmups

I talked to a single philipino guy with hat for a little bit. ran a few routines on him just to test them out. Nice enough guy but wasn't looking to get inot his pants so I ejected.

I see 3 black guys looking at skyline and just talk to them. They are slow to warm up to some random dude walking up to them but once they tlak for a bit they are also very cool.

Time to do a real set. I see a 2set of girls (mexican and persian). I go in, and open. I do a takeaway where I very weakly side hug a girl saying "This girl is the friendliest girl I've met... in the last 10 minutes" The girl gives me the usual "Oh really" sarcastic response that they usually do, but then she also positions her body more parallel to mine so I can't kino from where I'm standing. Not sure what I did wrong there... maybe the side hug was too early? She is not very responsive to me and does not hook well. On the other hand Jay is doing good with his girl who is much more fun than mine. Eventually we eject due to my cold girl. I'm still not completely warmed up yet.

Next is a 5set of asian girls. I get massive AA. Eventually I talk myself to go in. and blast in with Heyyy. I talk to 2 of them, one of them leaves to get a drink at the bar. I talk to the second one. She is sloywly isloated from her group who migrates a couple feet away to talk to a new person. One friend pulls away the girl i'm talking to, to rejoin her group.

1set single asian girl standing next to wall/window. I open situationally "Hey are you over here by yourself" Try to run some routines, a couple hit and one of them misses. She eventually excuses herself back to her friends. I felt like my routine stack was too rigid in this converstion.

JC is doing very well tonight. We talked to him before about having AA and what to do about it, but he was awesome tonight. I saw him open a 2set at the bar, another 3 set, and a 2set of guys who who I winged with him.

I see a super super hot 9.5 blonde girl sitting down by herself and looking bored. I am scared of seated sets. But there is no better opportunity than this. I sit down 2 inches away from herangled about the opposite of what she is angle and talk to her without facing her direction trying to show actice disinterest, she hooks at first but then loses the hook. Friends sitting on opposite chairs come and leave occasionally. Definitely overdid routines here again. I need to practice on regular, free flowing conversation for the attraction phase more.

Not a lot of sets to open and I am not in state, so I follow JC out to the dancefloor and try to imitate him. Starting up dancing always feels very unnatural... very incongrugent with who I am too me. But after 10 minutes or so it went away and I was able to shake it to the music somewhat confidently. I was still too nervous to dance with a girl though (this changes tonight)

Jay asks 2set for cigarette. I ask them how night has been, they seem receptive, I bail because my mind suddenly blanks. This was bad. The set opened right up and I threw it away.

Italk to another friend of jay and shake hands with an ADD indian chick. she wonders off.


A random 30+ year old HB6 who is obviously on something is talking to an indian girl. I am in proximity but don't really open them, she opens me. She intros a hot indian girl to me. Asks me if I'm a doctor, gets a bit disappointed when I say I'm not but then says to the indian girl "He's not a doctor but he's really cute anyways." The girl pushes us together to try to get us to make out. The indian girl gets scared, I try to relieve her nervousness by projecting social savvy "its cool don't worry, she's a bit drunk." Evenutally the Indian girl slips away from the crazy one (which is too bad, she was hot)

The other girl walks away and starts talking to a bouncer. I'm in the twilight zone right now. I'm a bit self conscious of my looks, this girl just threw me a monster IOI by saying I was cute. I had to go and re-engage her. I go up and start talking to her. She is obviously on something by the way she is acting. V slips by and tells me its coke. I'm disappointed by this but also somewhat boosted by this. I am much more aggresive around wasted girls becasuse I guess in my mind it doesn't matter at all if they reject me. (I know, it should always be like that!)

I try to talk to the girl but she won't follow any thread I put out. She grabs my nipples and gives me a tittie twister. I think it hurts but this one is actually not that bad compared to later. With some difficulty I get her to sit down with me (because she was telling me how hot I was). I'm still trying to run attraction routines, or even any kind of conversation with her. Nothing works, she keeps cutting me off.

We sit down, but she won't sit next to me. instead she sits on a drink table while I'm on the couch. We both lean into each other. She thorws massive IOIs at me, saying how I'm so hot and I could have any girl in the place if i wanted. We lean in closer and butt heads. I tell her she's so hot.

We keep talking and I try to match her (massive) IOIs with some lighter IOIs of my own. They don't hurt but they don't really help.

HB: You're so hot! why are you even talking to me?
Me: hey baby i like you too

i finally get her to sit down next to me. She keeps recoiling when I try to get really close or throw something baout connecting with her. I decide to try push/pulling her and using Shock and awe. This does the trick

Me: You're so bad for me. I'm not like this at all!
Girl: :) *kinos me harder*
Me: Baby,What are you doing to me? you know how I'll get if you keep acting like that...
Girl: *sits on my lap*

The push/pull and shock and awe is working like crazy. But it is also producing really painful tittie twisters occasionally from her. Eventually she gets up and dirty dances for me like a stripper while I'm laying on the couch. Then she lays back down on me.

Me: Hey if you keep giving me that look I won't be able to control myself babe. You're bringing out my bad side. I'm going to turn around and when I look bad you better be a good girl. *Turns around, and back again* I warned you.

I go for the makeout and get the cheek the first time.

5 minutes later after she's hopped on and off me again she initiates a tongue kiss. First makeout, score!

I try to get her to kiss and for a picture but only get the cheek.

Eventually she drags me to the dance floor. I'm honestly a bit terrified. But it goes pretty good. I don't know how to dance with a girl without her rubbing against me so i pull her in and grind her from the back side. She pulls back, we dance together for a bit, then more grinding, then some front grinding where she goes down like a stripper again and places her head next to my dick (holy shit, haha) Lots more making out hugging, groping ensues.

A 2nd 30 year old lady walks by, she pulls that girl in between us and we grind her from both sides. I think she is also coked up (and find out later she wasn't) and kiss her neck from behind.

Eventually my HB gets really nutty and starts dancing on couches. I pull her down and tell a bouncer that's she cool. She jumps on my back, I piggyback her to the nearst couch.

My buddies are leaving. I need to disengage with my HB. But there is a problem. She refuses to give me her number. I keep a high value position and tell her that if she doesn't give it we will never see each other again. Still no go. I try to get her to my car, she's not having that either. So after trying various things for 10 minutes (none of which are needy or supplicating behaviors) I decide I have to go and look for the guys. But I forgot that the HB gave me her purse to keep! So I Run around the club looking for her. Its at that point that i realize the "friend" me and HB were grinding on wasn't her friend and wasn't wasted (Amusing to me because I wouldn't have done what I did if I knew this, haha)

A bouncer tells me the girl left the building.

At the elevators 2 guys say what's up and shake hands and give me their names. I did not initiate this at all, I barely gave eye contact. They are with a super hot girl, she has an awesome body. All are very warm to me. They tell me they saw what I was doing in there and how did it go with my girl and why am I carrying a purse? The girl helps me sneak out the purse because as they note it looks like I swiped it from someone.

^That set was interesting because i didn't realize until afterwards that they were treating me like a high value guy. I was going around the entire place grabbing on my chick and making out with her hard. It had to be obvious we weren't a couple. Amazing how people treat you differently when they perceive you as an alpha male.

I finally find my girl and give her back her purse. While we're strolling down the valet alley she bends over and tells me to tie her dress JC and the guys see this and start hollering things that "yo man do her right there from behind" The HB starts humping me with her ass while I'm tying her dress. At this point I feel very ashamed and don't want to do anything more to this girl. I didn't like it when the guys start hooting, it made me feel like some lowlife sleeze trying to take advantage of a drugged up girl.

I leave her and go to my friends the HB's friend is also there. I tell her very politely to call her friend who is just down the alley. She is very crass, tells me to get away and that I'm being a dick to her friend. The bouncer tells her I'm being polite and trying to help. We get into a little skirmish but I cut it off while keeping respectfulness. This reminded me of last week when I threw and insult at a girl after walking out of the vanguard and my boys told me not to do that. Guess what happens this time? They tell me I was being too nice and I should have told that b*tch to fuck off! ;)

Things to work on:

Hooking especially adding the FTC. My FTC is too long (whole sentence) so I will shorten it and hope I actually use it then.

Continuing to practice attraction. Except for my cokehead girl I kept getting blown out using my attraction material.

Need to revise my routine stack. Once again it has been too rigid and jumps from one routine to the next. I am much more invested than the girl. I need to add some spaces between the routines to force the girl into the conversation. I know how to do this in comfort but not attraction, so I'll have to look it up.

03-29-2008, 02:13 PM
What routines did u use?