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03-05-2008, 06:31 AM
OK guys, heres the thing. Sorry or my english, Im latin. I went to my cousin's wedding last saturday. The bride's little sister is a fucking HB10. All the guys and everyone treat her like she was a princess. Because she is the most beautiful girl of all the wedding and she is an engineer and things like that. So, she did wahtever she wanted with any guy in the wedding. I was analizyng how to aproach her the right way, when my mother calls her and tell her that she should dance with me because Im her son and I got nobody to dance to.(It was a lie because I was opening different sets and I was dancing with different girls). So the hb said yes to my mom and took me by the hand to hit the dance floor. We were dancing and everything was ok, she had a camera in her hand so I took it and began to take photos of me and her, and she was smiling and everything. So here is the thing, since I have a high value in my family and the party, I was cockyfunny and negging her a little when I asked her for her email, so she could send me the photos when we were on msn messenger. She told me the camera wasnt hers and it will pass like a week or so for her to have them to send them to me, she told me later to ask the owner of the camera. Then I told her dont worry I can wait, then she told me the same thing, so I told her nevermind, I wont ask for your email adress again, and she said ok. so, I took off to my table and she went to hers. I was chilling in the party and she was too. Then my sister told me that she told the hb that i wanted to dance with her, and she told my sister: but he is angry with me. I told my family to shut up and dont talk to her of me anymore.

Then I hitted the dance floor again with a friend. She was dancing with a guy . Then, when we were aside I told the guy to dance with my friend because I wanted to dance with the HB. Then I took the HB by the hand And we began to dance. She didnt say anything. We began to introduce ourselves and things like that. Then I asked her to tell me something special about her and that she doesnt say beauty, because beauty is commong. She told me that she didnt have to answer the question, then I told her that was a simple question. she told me, tell me something special about you, and I blew, I didnt know what to say. we stopped dancing and I went to my table. I was thinking that I blew it and suddenly I looked back...and guess what_...she was sitting right beside me. I was impressed because her table was a long way off mine. Then we started to talk and I was again cocky funny and all that stuff. When the party was getting over I asked her for her email and her phone number and she gave it to me. I was in shock. we talked a little more and she asked me for permission to get up and if I didnt want to argue with her anymore. I told her ok,you can leave. Then outside I was talking to my cousing and his bride and taking pictures and stuff like that when she came. I took her by her waist and took a picture of us again. The she had to leave and she said bye to me and I said ok. Sorry for the long story.

The point is that I sms her today to say hi, and to tell her that I have added her to my msn messenger so that she would send me the photos. She never answered. I dont know what to do. I think she likes me because I was like a stand up guy and I was confident enough to say my points of view and dont do whatever she wanted, like she did with all the guys in the party. what should I do?, sms her again?, call her?, what should I say?...

Please guys, give me a hand here...thanx in advance.

03-05-2008, 03:43 PM
I understand the environment you're in and what you're posting. Most of the others since they live in the US may not see it quite the same.

You overall did just great. Especially walking away when she wouldn't give her email address. That is what set the tone for everything else. Notice how it was when you showed her you would leave and didn't care? Then she came running after you.

I'd call her in a day or two.. be teh same cocky, funny, confident guy.. and also be willing to walk away.. since you have family events to see her at, you may see her again anyway which makes this easier.

Cosnider this to be a learning experience.. you don't have to close the deal.. just handle it as best you can, and move on to the next one.. with that kind of attitude it may come around to you anyways.. but you have to be willing to lose it, its the only way she will come to you, especially a high value girl like thsi one.