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02-25-2008, 10:07 PM
I'm 21 and in college but I like to sarge at more traditional bars instead of clubs because you can actually have a conversation instead of yelling everything. The problem with bars is that most of the ones I go to have a decent college crowd but also a lot of the 23-28 year old range HBs. My question is this, how do I run game (and establish higher value) on older HBs who actually have careers and money while I am still in college without being looked at like I am their kid brother?

02-26-2008, 03:27 AM
Decibel is right, it's not as much an issue as you'd expect. Many women will overlook career and money issues so long as you have other DHVs. Besides, if they've got money they're not looking to you to support them or give them your money. They're too involved in their own careers to be bothered about yours, as long as you demonstrate you've got other things going for you.

Mike Sinner
02-26-2008, 03:57 AM
this depends, and you have to know something of the psychology of women.

First, you should differentiate between girls' in their mid to late 20s and girls ( women) who are older than that who also are in relationships. The motivations are different.

Single women in their 20s are not going to be as interested in a younger 21-year-old because they are looking for a man who can provide resources. As you said already you can't at this time. Older women will assume as much.

BUT ... Older women who are involved (married, engaged) will be open to a younger "fling" so long as it doesn't threaten their "resource" guy. They are then attracted to you more for your survival value that says leader, brave, strong, and less for your value that says resource provider.

Mike Sinner
02-26-2008, 05:47 AM
Let me clarify some things from the previous post. I am not saying you can't get older women, but what I am saying is it will be a different experience based on where the girl is coming from.

What triggers a girl's attraction switches is a high s-value man, we know that already right? Well, it will be harder for a younger guy to trigger as many attraction switches of an older woman.

But it's a different ball game when it is an older woman who is involved with another man and it is clear to her that you are NOT looking for a serious relationship. Subconciously she is basically going to be gathering your DNA in a cuckoldry attempt while still receiving resources from her current man who has a higher MPI (male parental investment) than you do.