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J the Ripper
02-17-2008, 09:46 PM
J the Ripper's "20+ PUA's Invade Club Bang!"

Cast of Players for the nite, representing Casanova Crew @ Club BANG! In Hollywood:

Captian Hook

and also in attendance:
(sorry if I left anyone out)

Luckily the venue was fairly large, with 3 rooms and a decent sized smoking patio. I dont think I'd ever seen so many PUA's I knew all at the same place, aside from maybe at the seminars.

When I started out in PU, this was the venue I did my first FR on, back in Jan of 07. This is where a little over a year ago, I was too scared to number close, and ejected out of a sets that were going perfectly fine. I remember being intimidated, and so scared to approach. That feeling in my gut that kept reminding me I shouldn't even bother, that I shouldn't even try...I remember the resistence of WANTING to be better, but secretly knowing that maybe I never would be. I remember going to bed that night wondering where I'd be in my game in a year, and questioning if this PUA stuff was all a bunch of shit...

What a difference a year makes.

T Minus 4 minutes, makeout #1 of 4 for the evening:

J the Ripper: Finally, there you are. (said with a cocky smile, head slightly tilted, arms wide open to receive a hug)

She looked at me confused as she walked in my direction. Very cute, thin, wearing a nice little red outfit. Probably around 19-20. She was hispanic with long black hair. I'd never seen her before just now.

BangChick: Hi.

J the Ripper: How the hell you been?

BangChick: (giggles) Oh you know, here and there.

J the Ripper: Well listen, I gotta meet up with my buddies over there by the bar, but it was awesome seeing you again, c'mere.

I hold her close, push her off slightly, take her by the hand, and give her the "Casanova Twirl".

J the Ripper: You know who you remind me of?

BangChick: Who?

J the Ripper: Samantha Stevens, the meanest girl in the whole world from the 7th grade...

I wont break down that routine here, but if you've been following my FR's you know it already. At this time I see Capt Hook and Sight off in the distance watching me as I get ready to strike.

I get done with the routine and say...

J the Ripper: Look, I really gotta go, my freinds are waiting for me, and Im sure you gotta get back to your friends, since we're both social people and...

I run all the rest of that well-known RSD line, modified with...

J the Ripper: ...and we'll probably never see each other again. But I hope you make a million dollars, have a million babies and a get spanked properly each night.

BangChick: WTF? lol.

J the Ripper: Come here.

I put one hand behind her waist, and the other behind her head, and I go straight into the makeout. We kiss for 3 minutes or so. I number close her, whipping out my phone with a little spin over my thumb, like If I was taking it out of a gun holster.

Even more rewarding than the makeout itself was this little comment she made to me:

BangChick: Wow, I have to give you credit, this whole thing you just did on me was VERY smooth. I dont kiss guys I just met like that. You better call me.

J the Ripper: Im sure we'll see each other around here tonite.

We go back for another kiss, and we part ways, as I join up with Capt Hook and Sight.

The blowouts:

Ouch. I had plenty of them tonite. Here's some of the more memorable ones:

*I approched a set of 4 asians chicks. They convinced me they didnt know a word of English. I do my fuckin best, but nothing sticks I just get blank expessions. As I walk off, they resume their conversation in perfect English.

*I had opened up a decent looking blonde earlier in the night and met her friends. One of the challenges my CC guys had given me for the night was to entertain a set larger than 5 chicks and keep them entertained for at least 10 minutes. After I isolated my target, I went in for the makeout and she pulled away, giving me the cheek. I had accused her of being a troublemaker to open with. I ejected after realizing I was spending too much time with this one.

As I was in set about 1/2 later (with Ferrett I believe, he had just came in) the blonde comes up, interrupts my set (which was going fairly well) and she takes my girl aside and says "Wait, did he tell you that you were a troublemaker? Dont listen to his bullshit, he's one of those Mystery guys..." Damn. My set totally fizzeld out. I hate that damn show.

*I approached a cute little hispanic chick by the bar, and opened with "And you, I have ONLY one thing to say to you..." She looked at me with disdain, and she said "Thats nice" and turned her back to me as SHE opened up some other dude.

Makeout # 2 of 4

I went outside to the smoking patio, where most of the Crew was congregating. Capt Hook, Sight and Dreopergone I believe were in a 3 set. It was sticking pretty good for them, and they greeted me, introducing me into the set. One of the girls had an awesome face, very cute, but below the waist she was maybe 10-15 LBS on the thick side.. She had a Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her shoulder which was awesomely detailed.

A few minutes later as I was walking back into the club after my smoke I saw her in the hip hop room, and I approached.

J the Ripper: What the fuck is up my friend, long time no see.

I take her by the waist and immediatley start to grind her. She is a little alarmed at first, but I coninue to plow.

MarilynMonroe: I like your necklace, where did you get it.

J the Ripper: I dunno, its one of things you just find when youre cleaning your room after eating a jar of jam.

MariylnMonroe: WTF? LOL.

I say alot of weird shit.

I have a handful of her ass, and there is practically no dialouge, the music is way too loud. Her friends try to pull her off as I start to kiss her neck.

J the Ripper: (in the best loud club voice I can manage) Me and your friend like each other, is that cool with you?

The friends look at Marilyn, and realize she's ok with me. I stroke her hair and kiss her below her ear. I start to kiss her lightly on her face, and then go in for the makeout. We start to kiss heavy, and the people around us start to separate.

J the Ripper: Lets go sit over there for a minute.

I walk her over to the lounge area, and we sit down. Her friends scurry after us and confirm everything is cool with my target. She assures them everything is fine, and that she will catch up with them later.

We start kissing on the couch for along time. I feel my lips almost busting. I put her hand on my d*ck, and she squeezes in sequence to the music.

We get done after about 10 minutes, I number close, and we both get up to find our friends. As we walk through the crowded bar area, I begin to makeout with her again, as we stumble into people completly disregarding thier presence. A sudden series of flashes reflect of her face, and I realize my Casanova Crew paparazzi are documenting the moment well.

Why i did what I did:
Im a sucker for a pretty face. I have my limits/standards, but even if she's a little over weight (no more than 10-15 LBS), but has a fuckin angel face, I will go for it. I hate dancefloors, and do most of my game in the surrounding perimeter or in the smoking section, but when I saw her, I really just wanted to feel her lips on mine. I had a little mini crush on her. When i approached, I KNEW it was just a matter of time before I was kissing her.

It's all mental. Obviously, youre not gonna hit a homerun each time...but there are times when you just know; when youre just sure; when AA and any reservations are thrown to the wayside. I was in state.

I wander around, and mingle with the guys in my crew. Amazing, I formed the group almost a year ago, with 3 members. Now we have 45+ full fledged hardcore members, with 3 chapters in the 3 different cities. And the rate of their progress is fuckin awesome. Here's what I caught:

Jackett, from CCOC, has a very cool laid back style, and from observing him you can totally feel him create attraction with the chicks within seconds. He got a nice little makeout with a white girl in the smoking patio.

Dreopergone was fun to watch also, seemingly in control of every interaction and bringing a sense of fun that most guys struggle with.

Mantis just has to stand there and girls approach him.

Iambrian isnt part of the crew (I believe he belongs to No MA'AM crew) but is a friend of ours. Very solid game and mad attraction skills.

I was impressed by Rince, looking forward to sarging with you in the future, youre going to be aweome I can tell. Also noticed Capt Hook, Sight, Yenwen, Jack and D doing awesomely. You guys owned that smoking patio.

Also met up with Mr Smooth from RS-D boards. This guy is very calibrated, I watched him a few times in set and I was impressed.

All the other guys were in set most of the time which is good. You'd think with so many PUA's it would be oversaturated, but somehow we managed to stay out of each others way, and if anything help out.
Makeout #3

This one was a little buzzed. I thought she was totally hot, and I approached. She was with 3 other girls. If you read my last FR, you'll remember I referred to the "wanderers" of the set. Thats what she was.

J the Ripper: And YOU, I only have one thing to say to you (yes I know, I gotta get off that opener for awile)

BlondeLush: Umm Hmm?

J the Ripper: As I was walking over here, I noticed something about you right away, and I had to tell you something you should probably know.

BlondeLush: Ok. Im I gonna be pissed at you in a few seconds.

J the Ripper: Nope. Its nothing bad, but...

She drops right into my arms.

BlondeLush: Are you gonna buy me a drink?

J the Ripper: Umm, no..I only buy girls drinks who are better kissers than me (dont ask where I came up with that)

BlondeLush: Lets see...

She does MY OWN move on me, lock lips, and we start having a makeout session. But just the fact she's buzzed/near drunk kinda kills it. No challenge. I enjoy the makeout for a couple minutes.

BlondeLush: So you'll buy me a drink now?

J the Ripper: No, I said I only buy girls drinks who are BETTER kissers than me.

I spank her but and Im off to open other sets.

Why I did what I did:

Those of you guys who follow my shit already know that when I stumble across an opener/routine I like, I use it till I have it mastered for at least a month or two. Honestly, Im getting sick of my "And I only have one thing to say to you" opener. Lately when I say it, I feel like Im selling myself short. Luckily ive been toying with some new ones that I hope to debut next weekend.

When I realized she was tipsy, no matter how hot she might have been, I feel like I didnt deserve it. And when she asked me to buy her a drink was a little disgusted. A little over a year ago I probably would have done it. If she hadnt kissed me, I probably would have ejected alot sooner.

I couldnt help but smile to myself as I walked off though; she was not expecting me to NOT buy her a drink.

Alot of the guys are leaving at this point, and I try to find my ride, DarkKnight. I find him over by the dancefloor doing well with his hands full. I hang out by the bar, and I see a blonde in a short skirt wearing fishnet stalkings. Hmm, she looked tasty.

J the Ripper: ...and love the way you just did that.

FishNets: What?

J the Ripper: The way you looked at that girl walking by, and you made that face.

Fishnets: OMG, what face?

J the Ripper: Like you hate her guts or want to jump her bones.

I lead her to the dancefloor, and basically do exactly what I did to Marilyn. We makeout on the dancefloor, and I lead her back to the same couch where I had made out with Marilyn minutes earlier. This one lasted longer though. I see BlackNight approach, and sit on the couch next to us. He pulls out his phone and starts taking pictures as Im making out with Fishnets. Best kisser of the night.

How did I make it happen:

From what I recall, I went up very directly and acted like I knew her, automatically assuming rapport. I notice most of the time when i approach, I say things as if preceeded with an elipses (...), creating the illusion that we had ALREADY been in an interaction.

I start off with something bantery, or what appears to be the precursor to banter or a neg. I try to build that up as much as I can, then release the tension by being playful.

Once she was in my frame (by listening to me and complying with my commands; ie, lets go dance) I knew I had created a reasonable amount of attraction. The rest was just timing. When I brought her back to the couch (and Marilyn also for that matter) I knew I could get away with alot more.
M&M Saga Continues...

Alot of you guys have asked me on the various boards I post on, and have sent me private emails asking about my progress with M&M. We've only had 1 offical day2, but we've hooked up quite a few times. We talk on the phone every other day. I like her quite a bit I realize now.

I saw her Friday night after the boys and I went to club Vanguard in Hollywood. I met her at 3am, in our little parking lot spot in Fullerton. We were in her truck until 7am.

We talked about alot of shit, mostly what me and her "were supposed to be". So far we like each other, but I havent made a commitment. We're supposed to get together next Friday.

Some of the guys in the crew are experimenting with having a relationship post-discovering game, and enjoying it. But would I? Can I really just settle with an awesome girl, and stop going out to clubs every fuckin weekend?

I've been doing this run for over a year. Every single weekend (and often times days in between) I have been going out. Ive done two 14 day non-stop sargathons, and a 9 day crash course (most of those days being trained by Vince Kelvin).

I havent taken a break.

Maybe I need to take one, and enjoy another part of the game I havent explored; having a relationship....

Who the fuck am I kidding...See you in my next FR next weekend.

-J the Ripper