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01-13-2008, 09:53 AM
I need some advice.
I met a girl at a bar, talked with her a few min and got her number, and we said we should meet up some other day.

It turned out she was going away for 3 months just a few days after we first met. So I never got a chance to meet her again, so I tought oh well, tough luck on to the next one.
Then a week after she left she mailed me on Facebook telling what she was doing etc etc.
I replied in a cocky funny way saying "Ohh your cute to remember me back in Cold Sweden when your snorkeling in Thailand, I wouldn't give two toughts about the people back home ;)"

She replied saying "Well I have to stay in toch since I never got to meet you"

So far I got a few IOI's but all her mails after that are very "friendish", and Im having a hard time changing the tone so I can advance.
Any tips? She allways replies very quickyl to my mails and allways seem happy about me mailing her but she just won't change the tone =P.

Help a man out :D

01-13-2008, 06:11 PM
Just throw some playful sexual innuendo into your mails. See how it goes.

01-13-2008, 06:50 PM
yeah, that would be the obvious thing, however I want her to sway =P.

Thx for the reply tough, I'll hold her waiting for my reply a week then add something like that. ;)

01-20-2008, 06:47 PM
I would have her bring you back something from her travels. Ask for something that she would not normally bring back as a souvenir. I would probably tell her that I have a fascination with Thai herbal remedies and I've been looking for something to decrease my high sex drive because it's dangerously out of control. This is your game though, so play around with whatever works for you. Cheers.