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11-10-2007, 03:36 AM
I am going out in about a half hour. All I want out of tonight is to develop a willingness to walk away. That's all. I'll be working on everything else of course, but tonight walking away will be especially important. Stay tuned for the report.

11-10-2007, 11:06 AM
What a rough night. I'm glad it ended in the way it did though.

I start out going to a bar. AA is consuming my adrenaline like two hands suffocating me. I walk into the bar, no one is there. A 2 set is hugging the bar and closing off any approach, so I eject. My friend calls me. I meet him on the corner and see a sarge gone sour, HBsupercute with her friends on the corner. She's another story and I ignore her.

My friend and I head up to a frat party. We meet some guy who says no one can get in. Forget that, I'm going in. Keepin the frame. We literally climb 3 stories on a fire escape behind the frat house, climb through a window into a toilet stall next to which some girl is trying to pee. We climb in rapid fast and are in the party.

Sets are open everywhere. I open a 2 set with a new opener, did you see the dog outside? Gets a reaction, but like I said, AA is super hardcore tonight. I ejected quickly. My friend keeps asking me what we should do. He's hanging on me like dead weight. I open a couple more sets, but can't get into the groove with him there. We leave the party after a few minutes and hit up another party.

This party was cool. I saw a friend of mine chatting with an HB I've never seen. I open easily with a big hug from my friend and start working the knew HB. She's from out of town from LA. They have to leave, but I can tell this girl doesn't want to. She's giving me a few IOIs. It doesn't matter, tonight was about a willingness to walk away. I see another HB walking down the hall. I know her, have made out with her once, but it's a long story. I hit her with a neg by pretending to give her a high five and pull my hand away real quick. She makes a sad face but can't hide the smile. She keeps walking, things in motion stay in motion. My buddy comes back to me and says he wants to go to a better party. At this point I'm really getting pissed off that I didn't fly solo. It may suck having to walk into a bar by yourself, but think of the freedom. You are your own wing. We decide to head back to the frat party earlier cuz the dancing should have started.

We get to the party. If you knew what I did to get in, holy shit, you would never make an excuse that there are no ways to persuade people. I feel like I sold my soul. After that, my mind was in a fuzz. My friend was not with me anymore, it was time to get serious. I head to the dance floor to try out some things I've been working on. I neg right and left, "No I won't dance with you." I try the high five take away and make a girl miss. I'm grinding all over her friend in about a minute. I pull away and she wants more. That's hoop number one. I ask her what she has going for her. She pushes her breasts together. There's no point in explaining what I meant, but I finally see the point in qualifying. If you've got a lot of kino on the dance floor, qualifying is perhaps the smoothest and powerful tool in the shed. Assuming that the HB knows what you're talking about. She and I are like one spirit until AMOGjackass comes over and caveman's her right away from me. I act as if I don't care; tonight's about a willingness to walk away. I should have stayed alpha and not let her slip away. Never let a guy cut in on your girl. You become beta instantly. It's becoming a long night so I walk around the dance floor for a while when I have an epiphany. I imagine for a second that I Mystery. It is crazy. Talk about a new frame. I realize that if I am going to get good at this game, I am going to be practicing night upon night. Suddenly everything that I have to do is clear. I am comfortable. AA is gone, but the party ends. I see the girl I grinded on from earlier looking around for someone. Is she looking for me? It doesn't matter, I'm walking away, that's tonights theme. My friend and I bounce the party and walk back to his house, but guess who we see on the way.

HBsupercute, the one from the very beginning of the night, is across the street with 2 of her friends. We notice each other and she says she's going to a house party down the way. I say cool, but I'm with some friends so I'll meet her there. She gives me the address. A buddy of mine rolls up in a car, and we drive to the party. I get there and call HBsupercute, neg the crap out of her for being so slow. She ends up getting lost and I neg harder. The dynamics between she and I are so complicated I could write a book on it.

Finally she gets to the party and I ignore her completely. There are some cute girls at the party and I notice some guys I know. I talk to a French dude for a while and it turns out to be one of the best parts of my night. I love new perspectives. A friend introduces me to HBsupersmile. We chat for a minute, but this night has frustrated me so I hit the dance floor and get a great cardio workout at 3 AM with tons of European dudes are playing awesome techno. I walk outside to get some fresh air. The night is beautiful and HBsupersmile and my friend decide to walk back home together. HBsupercute is still at the party, but I don't care. I'm walking away, again.

I walk back with HBsupersmile and my friend who introduced me to her. We talk and I neg in a gentle, graceful, albeit beautiful way. Every neg in my sarging career has never given me a response like this. I have always negged with a lot of energy, but this time the energy is slight. I'm playing cool, not being needy; just being a down to earth guy whose playfully noticing her flaws. I see her body turn into mine and I get glowing IOIs from her. My buddy notices her interest too and it's a little weird. She makes a few future projections involving me watching the sunset from her dorm room, I say I'd always be down to watch sunsets. Things are going well for the first time this night, minus the breakthroughs I had with AA and feeling like I was Mystery for a minute (God, that was nuts!). We get to a junction where I have to split up from the group. HBsupersmile suggests that the group walk me home. They follow me until I get to my apartment. She gives me a big hug and says she's sure we'll see each other again. "Goodbye," I say as I walk away.

11-19-2007, 03:10 AM

it sounds like u've mastered the 'willingness to walk away' part.