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11-09-2007, 02:32 AM
How do you gauge when A3 has been met? Is it the quality of the effort she's put in, or do you just arbituarily have her compling to illusionary hoops?

Also, if you find that you got into Comfort w/o enough attraction, how do you get more attraction/qualifying going?

11-09-2007, 04:08 AM
Not sure what you mean by "has been met" -- but I'll try and help out anyway.

You know you're in A3 by testing the waters. You get her to jump through a loop, she complies, you reward then pull away and repeat. If she doesn't jump, back to A2 you go. :)

You know when you've completed A3 when you're able to move her to a new spot and build more of a connection.

If you go into comfort without enough attraction then you're going to be LJBF-ded. Don't worry about going back; get a new girl; start over and learn from your mistakes.

Good luck bro.

11-09-2007, 01:21 PM
X-Press, a story that might help

So the other day I was doing an A3.

Ummm, the main purpose is to make HER dhv to YOU so you can give HER
ioi's. Basically, she dhv's and you ioi and even SOI JM style. i.e. statement
of interest.

In my set, I pushed the A3 to the point where I felt she KNEW I had qualified her pretty thoroughly. She should feel like you have high standards and are being picky.

Mystery points out that in reality, the useful qual is done in C stages. This is really a show for her ASD. There may be a rule of thumb on when you are done. I've had sets say literally, "Do I pass?" And the funny thing is, they didnt'!

Also, I"ve had it where I was trying to A3 and they were giving GENERAL answers and not working very hard to DHV to me. That happened last night. It meant I needed MORE A2.

I've also had sets practically OPEN with the girl dhv'ing to me. In which case, at the time I was trying to run A2. But I think she was already attracted and she was already dhving...so i only needed to express some ioi's and go to a C1 location.

The C1 is a comfort building location within the current venue as I recall. You don't have to bounce. You just need a place you can talk more intimately.

I had another set last night where a girl gave me FAKE ioi's so I went into A3. She wasn't a hired gun...just a VERY flirty girl at a bookstore....so the kino she was throwing out and all that....I don't think they were real ioi's.

Like normally, if girl as A2 she'll try to say what she thinks you want to hear. So I'm asking my set last night a few questions...and I can tell she isn't working hard to impress me.

I knew I'd been "had" at that point.

That's what I've experienced at this point.