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11-03-2007, 09:05 PM
Heres a thread where you guys can post the funniest AMOGs you've seen in the field.

I was out with another member from this board (Generous), and we saw this guy with tattoos and muscles going around the bar we were in approaching girls. He was leaning in real far, approaching directly, not sitting down with the girls, and we think he kept buying girls rounds of drinks. He was wearing a white beater and a backwards baseball cap. Looked like a more in shape Fred Durst.

Generous and I were practicing opening sets, and I managed to open these girls from Toronto. I used that Karate chop move posted on the board to get one of the girls out of their seats, and I was sitting down with my back against the wall with a circle of girls around me facing towards me. Credit to whoever posted that move; locking in was my sticking point.

Things are going really well with this set; the best all night. Who comes around the corner but Mr. Tattoo Badboy. He came in approach directly to my circle trying to show off his tattoos. One of the girls is like "Who is this guy? We dont even know him...".

Mr. Tattoo Badboy: Hey ladies, check out my new tattoos. Pretty bad ass huh? *shows muscles and tattoos*

One of the girls reaches in and touches the tattoo.

HB8: Wow, you have the same temporary tattoos as me! Nice work! Where did you get these? Dollarstore too?

I couldnt stop laughing. One of the girls mentioned that I wanted a tattoo (the opener I used actually) and this guy was like, "Call me tomorrow blah blah blah I'm actually a tattoo artist", in a very serious business manner. He takes my cellphone and puts my number in it as I keep gaming the girls and just ignore him. Then he tries to get my name and number, and the girls block him out so he has to walk all the way around and reach around one of the girls to try to write down my name and number.

I kept thinking to myself that this was way too funny. He leaves right after getting my info. Like 10-15 minutes later I had one of the girls alone on my lap, she wouldnt kiss me though, I give some Swinggcat IOD's and Im back in. Eventually numberclose her (it was last call). Nothing serious; she lives far away anyway.

Anyway, what other funny AMOG stories do you guys have?

11-03-2007, 11:12 PM
Great job of locking in...


Don't know the karate move but great job locking in.

Great set.

What Swingcat stuff did you use to reel the girl back in?

Oh, I don't have a good amog story yet but on the MOM vids, Matador was in an Amog duel with Mystery. Very funny stuff.

Matador crushed him.

But Mystery explained his amog style is just to befriend the amog, use a lock in prop on the target so she doesn't leave and then neg her to disarm the amog.

Matador is a monster sarger....his BL control is drop dead amazing. His amog skills are crazy. Man, I feel sorry for any dude who tries to amog Matador. Seriously. He'd eat them for breakfast if they pushed it.


Abower The Don
11-04-2007, 04:52 PM
Awesome work!

What MoM video are you talking about, maxtall ?

11-04-2007, 05:37 PM
oh I had a bunch of them:

Story 1:

one time I was gaming a two set i got my wing in with an obstacle. I keep my target occupied...but since my wing is more of a direct method guy he kinda bails on me and right at that moment 2 AMOG's come in.

I miscalibrate a bit at that time and start to blow them out by turning my back on them.

"Hey man!!" I turn my back on him.

The AMOG walks around me to the other side - "Hey You are still here???" I turn my back on him again.

He walks around me again - "TALK TO MY BACK!" - I turn my back on him again.

By this moment I dont realize that I chose a wrong tactic - the AMOG knew the girl a bit so he kept going in and eventually he leaned OVER me and started to talk to my girl and took her away....ARGGGG!!!!!:P It was fun though!

Now I know what to do:

Option 1: Befriend the tools

Option 2: Lead the girl away

Story 2:

I just made out with a HB8, but since she was buried in orbiters I just left her - way too much drama and I got what I wanted - my state went up;)

So I start approaching all the sets in my view. Got a bunch of numbers already and now I see a mixed 10 set - 6 guys and 4 girls. The guys have been buying the girls drinks all night - so when I go in there is no problem to just take the girls away from 6 guys who are all 7 feet tall:P

Oh man...I never thought those kind of guys have 0 game.

11-05-2007, 02:45 AM

Oh, I don't have a good amog story yet but on the MOM vids, Matador was in an Amog duel with Mystery. Very funny stuff.

Matador crushed him.


I almost fell off the couch watching that dvd. Lovedrop nailed matador too. All Matador could reply was with... that's interesting how you framed that.